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Mayor Daley Archives

June 12, 2009

What Would You Do to Save Your Job?

Today could turn out to be pink slip Friday for more than 1,000 city workers.

Barring a last-minute deal with labor unions, Mayor Daley says the layoff notices will go out to workers in every city department.

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June 8, 2009

What's in the Water at Chicago's City Hall?

Just what is in the water being served up in Chicago City Council chambers?

For decades now, the place has been a magnetic pull for the ethically challenged.

This morning, 29th Ward Alderman Ike Carothers pleaded not guilty to federal corruption charges that include bribery and fraud.

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May 13, 2009

What Would You do to Save Your Job?

The city of Chicago is in the midst of a major cash flow crisis.

Facing a budget shortfall projected at $300 million, Mayor Richard Daley wants thousands of non-union city workers to take as many as 17 unpaid days off before year’s end.


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April 2, 2009

Police Protest Might Show Weis' Days Are Numbered

Members of Chicago’s Police Union don’t have a problem with Chicago hosting the 2016 summer games. In fact, they hope the city lands the Olympics, which will mean more work and overtime for officers. But they are using today’s visit by International Olympic Committee officials to bring attention to some simmering issues.

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March 20, 2009

Where's YOUR killer pothole?


I've told you before about my non-eco friendly SUV. Don't worry, it's on the smaller side of the genre.

However can I now tell you how happy I am that I have an SUV during the Chicago freeze-thaw cycles that seem to bring out the worst in pavement?


KILLER potholes.

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February 12, 2009

Do we need the Olympics here?


The Olympics, they are great, everybody loves them, but do you love them in your city? Tomorrow we will see the details of Chicago's bid for the 2016 Olympic Games. With the Olympics comes massive construction which will make it harder to travel around the city not only in 2016, but in the years leading up. However, this time inconvenience can be offset by the sense of pride having the Olympics would bring. The real question is the question of the year, where is the money coming from?

In the proposal we may learn how the city is coming up with the $500 million in private guarantees as well as the $1.1 billion needed to build the Olympic village. Mayor Daley has said that city taxes will not pay for the games and most funding will come from the federal government, but last month Daley said the city was willling to pay for extra police used to patrol the games as well as paying for extra barriers and protection. So in this time of sacrifice how much are we willing to sacrifice for our city and national pride? Are you hoping for a good proposal and a big win for the City of Chicago or are you praying that Madrid is as good at hosting an Olympics as they are at soccer?
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January 2, 2009

City Revenues Drop More Than Expected

Chicago's Chief Financial Officer and next Chief of Staff for Mayor Richard M. Daley, Paul Volpe, called a news conference Friday morning, laying out the fire money mess Chicago was faced with 2008.

Standing at the center of several bar graphs, made to illustrate the dire financial condition of the city, Volpe acknowledged the city's estimates for 2008 revenue was way off. In fact, even after lowering expectations in September, the city was still $31 million short by year's end.

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