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Where is Jada Justice?

The Lake County State's Attorney is scheduled to meet with law enforcement Monday morning in connection with the disappearance of 2-year old Jada Justice.


We're not sure.

Angelica Castillo, Jada's 18-year old cousin and baby sitter, was being held as a person of interest in the case on possible child neglect charges, but she's been released.

On Friday, Hobart police said they believed there were individuals related to the case who were not being "forthcoming."

What do you believe will come of Monday's meeting?

Where is Jada?


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Comments (1)

Narciso Guajardo:

E-Mail me a picture of her and i will put it up every where i go till she is found to her parents im sorry to here this but in the lords name with all the help we will find her and get your baby home i will put her picture on my work truck and drive all the way to work on the west side of chicago with it ok soorry be just have faith and she be back.

Narciso Guajardo
ceo. Of Hit Man Productions DJ's

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