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What Would You Do to Save Your Job?

Today could turn out to be pink slip Friday for more than 1,000 city workers.

Barring a last-minute deal with labor unions, Mayor Daley says the layoff notices will go out to workers in every city department.

Daley is asking city workers to take 16 days off without pay by the end of the year and for other union concessions to help the city deal with a budget crunch and declining revenues.

But so far, union leaders aren't budging. They want a 2-year, no layoff guarantee, which the mayor says he can't provide in this economy.

Outside of City Hall this morning I talked to several nervous workers. All said they are ready and willing to take the furlough days instead of losing their jobs.

I hope their unions start listening to them before it's too late.

What about you?

Would you take 16 days off if it would keep you from losing your job?


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