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Video: Michael Jackson's Shining Moment

It was in May, 1983 that millions watched "Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever"

The special had legends of music, including Michael Jackson.

He performed with the Jackson 5, but also solo with the hit "Billie Jean"

Take a look at the video. It was the first time he performed his famous "moonwalk" in public.

Please share your favorite song, video, or moment from Michael Jackson's life here. We may use it on the air.

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

Here's some addition video coverage from CLTV:


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Comments (20)

Bobby Ward:

I grew up during the era of The Jackson 5; my brothers and sisters all attended the Regal theater on the South side of Chicago. He was loved by so many thousands of people. He was a fantastic artist also, entertainer, music arranger, and dancer. He will live on forever; rest in peace Michael

Stephanie McElwaine:

Michael and the Jackson Five were my childhood heroes. I recall a concert in Chicago, at the Amphitheatre in the 70's and I was young and my heart was racing, because my parents brought the best seat in the house, and I felt that Michael was singing to me.
I'LL Miss Him, rest in peace Michael, you were truly a KING!!

Debra Macklin:

Michael Jackson may you rest across on the other side of Jordan river. You had fame and fortune but no Joy in your life. God has given you a new home were their is worries and you will never be along.

I grew up listening to this angel. What a gift! The blues at 8yrs old-like no one else! What spirit! useed all his gifts. That is what we are here to do. And, to love each other, help each other. Yes, I question the charges of his later life, but, blame his father for alot of his behaviors socially. He had no childhood. This hurts a person. VEerbal and physical abuse make a terrible and huge impact. I applaud Michael for getting as far as he did. And, Michael, may God's heavenly angels show you now through the halls of light as they watch over us day and night. BE joined now, with James, Jimmy, Ella, Diana, Ertha, and rest, my dear. Betsy

torrient adams:

Im very hurt about the death of an icon mj he will be miss deeply and love forever gone but not forgotten


It's very sick that the media and general public glorify a Pedophile like this. Lets get real....The evidence in the Jackson case was sick and the jurors that acquitted him regretted doing so by saying they made the wrong decision.

The man freely admitted that he slept with little boys on a regular basis, and PAID the parents in the process of doing so.

He paid 20 million dollars to avoid being sued and to keep from being charged for molesting another child.

What will be said of O.J. when he dies? Will he be glorified because of all of the great years of football he played?

If Drew Peterson is found not guilty, will he be glorified for all the years of great police work?

Dee Dee:

Micheal Jackson will be missed dearly by everyone that knew him. He has and will always be the best entertainer that ever lived. My condolences goes out to his family. My God be with you through this tragic time of your life. "MICHEAL JACKSON " you are in a better place. Love you always.


Michael was a great singer and dancer. And was and will always be the king of pop his legacy will live on. R.I.P Michael Jackson


Michael was a great singer and dancer. And was and will always be the king of pop his legacy will live on. R.I.P Michael Jackson


I would have to honestly say that I was in fact touched by the short and extraordinary life of Michael Jackson. I sat my 7 year old son down today and explained the importance of charity. I told him that with the one life that we are given, it is beneficial for all mankind to not only live to reach our fullest potential, but to never shy from doing something to help other people in anyway we can. In a time like today with all that is going on in the world it is important that we accept the gift that Michael gave us in his music. He made songs about love, charity and brotherhood. These things are vital for mankind to survive in this troubling time of concern of nuclear attacks, and injustice taking place in Iran today. Lets not focus on the negative but use the positive energy in his music to spread the message of peace and love throughout the world. I believe that it is appropriate that his song, “man in the mirror” be aired on television today regarding all that is going on in the world today

Desiree Williams of Gary:

Everyone misses u here in gary, in and we love you. No one will ever live up to your great title as the king of pop. R.I.P Michael Jackson a.k.a King o Pop

Tanya B.:

I remember when my dad played Michael Jackson songs. I was only 5 yrs old but i would try so hard to sing his songs. I'm just upset about how the media at one point put this wonderful artist down and talked poorly about him. Now its like they care about him why didnt they when he was alive and why now are they making such a big deal out of it. I remember in 1993 when that 13 yr old made those accusations about Michael people around me would talk about it and I would get so upset. Til this day I get upset when people talk about him and will probably feel the same way till the day I die. I love Michael and wish I would have got to know him personally. Now its too late and I will have to remember him through his music and everything wonderful he has done. If I was a billionaire and knew Michael was in debt I would have gave him enough money to help him in anyway. I show my condolences to his family and hope they will remember him for who he was and not who the media and people portrayed him to be.


T. Spencer:

Was there any news in the last 24 hours? Other than Michael Jackson died? I know, I heard. Over and over and over.

That is all you have been reporting. What about the state budget? Was there any national news? Did the Iranians stop fighting each other because Michael died? How about Afghanistan? No, the only thing you want to talk about is Michael Jackson.

I will tune in to one of the national news networks. Maybe they will be actually reporting news.

kenneth and samantha moritz:




Sabrina Holton:

Omg i can not beleive this is foreal I almost died yesterday when i found out my Idol is gone.Although i am only 13 years old matter of fact for my thirteen birthday me and my 3 friends performed rock with you for my mom and dad for breafest.I am soo sadden and angry because like all the love they are showing Michael now the should of did that when he was alive because he went out of this world thinking people didnt like him people calling him "wacko Jacko" which is ridiculous because he is the best and i rember watchin his videos the jackson 5 when i was 10 and i watch michael jackson i Promised myself that befor i die i was going to perform with michael.But i cant now because he is gone.Omg but i promise you he is gone but not forgotten "i love you michael and you will always be in my fantasy and you will always be my idol"and i wouldnt even consider myself as a fan i am Michael Jacksons friend even though he didnt know me Personally but he is in my heart a place were he will never leave
Love you michael
-Sabrina Holton


Mike rest in peace. May God be with you

Romell Brown:

Although, I am 15 years old I have a heart for all Singers, Dancers, and other SUPERSTARS. Michael Jackson inspired everyone around the GLOBE with his intriguing dancing and the way he singed. The Thriller Album Made History I think in 1982. When I was only 3 years old, I watched the blooming T.V. News Channels about how Selena died. Now as I think, SELENA and MICHAEL will leave a STAR that will always shine forever to the MUSIC INDUSTRY..........and the WORLD!!!!!!!!

Feel free to E-Mail me at romellbrown06131994@yahoo.com at any time


RIP Michael Jackson. He was an amazing singer.

Mike V:

Sometimes Michael's life outside the recording studio made for bizarre headlines, but for me, they will never overshadow his fantastic pop songs - so many are still in heavy rotation on my iPod - Thriller of course, but also Billie Jean (the opening beat line is instantly recognizeable) and Man in the Mirror are some of my personal favorites. May he find some peace now and know we thank him for his musical legacy.

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