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Tribute to Motown and Michael


Here's a photo from my evening at a wonderful tribute concert commemorating the 50th anniversary of Motown Records, which included the work of Michael Jackson.

It was held at the Harold Washington Cultural Center, where fans spent most of their evening on their feet, dancing to the music Michael and Motown made famous.

I danced (poorly) with a Michael Jackson impersonator to "Thriller," but what M.J. song brings you to your feet the fastest?

Post your favorites here.


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Sherri Keyes:

1st off I send my prayers & love 2 his children & family. He will be missed by his fans, but most of by those who were closet. This has been a shock to us all and a big loss 2 the music industry. Michael influenced so many who have taken his love 4 song & dance & truley expanded these talents. Where would people such as Usher, Ne-yo or Chris Brown be if Michael hadn't shared his gift with the world.

Thanks for the songs, dance & most of all the memories. We love you Michael! Rest in Peace, with love...1 of your fans....Sherri.

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