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The President and Physicians

Here's a sampling of what doctors attending this year's AMA meeting at the Hyatt Regency are saying in advance of President Obama's address:

"Our concern is that our patients have access to care, to affordable cancer care. The number of bankruptcies in this country that medical patients face are astounding. I don't know that people are aware of it."
-Dr. Len Lichtenfeld, Oncologist, GA

"This didn't happen in 1992, and he's here to talk to us. What he says I think is just opening up a dialog."
-Dr. Larry Jones, Urological Surgeon, FL

"I want to hear him say 'we will not pursue a public plan option that's strictly based on Medicare reimbursement.'"
-Dr. Jerome Adams, Anesthesiologist, IN

"We want to cover the uninsured."
-Dr. Patrice Harris, Psychiatrist, GA

"A whole bunch of physicians are practicing defensive medicine. We need to decrease the amount of defensive medicine practiced, which means tests are done simply because the patients are asking for them and to avoid the possibility of a lawyer in the future asking 'why did you not do that test?'"
-Dr. Richard Pieters, Radiation Oncologist, MA

"I would like to hear what he's going to do about the medical students coming out of medical school with more debt than what it costs to buy a house in California."
-Dr. Patricia Austin, Opthamologist, CA


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jeanette mendez:

there are rehaps for people who drink and do drugs,why not one for those who smoke,in the long run it would save heath care alot of money,my insurance will not even pay for meds to help quit,a rehap could teach eating heathly so you do not gain weight .how to say no,it is so easy to go to the store,in rehap the chances are better

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