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Stump Tim & Tonya: Statue of Ceres

Today's picture comes from William R.

It's of the Board of Trade’s Statue of Ceres in downtown Chicago at 141 W. Jackson.

According to Wikipedia:

A three-story art deco statue of Ceres, goddess of agriculture (particularly grain), caps the building. The building is a popular sightseeing attraction and location for shooting movies, and its owners and management have won awards for efforts to preserve the building and for office management.

The central structure is capped by a 6,500 pound, 31 ft tall aluminum statue of the Roman goddess of grain, Ceres, holding a sheaf of wheat in the left hand and a bag of corn in the right hand, as a nod to the exchange's heritage as a commodities market. This statue was assembled from 40 pieces. As it is near the forty-five story point, sculptor John H. Storrs believed that no other building would be tall enough for the inhabitants to clearly see the statue's face, and therefore it was left blank.

If you want to try to stump us, just send your photo to cltvdesk@tribune.com.
You PLEASE put "Stump Tim & Tonya" in the subject line. Make sure to include your name, where you're from and as much information as possible about the photo. Then watch CLTV to see if we use your photo.


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cynthia :

I just want to say like so may people I grew up watch Micheal Jackson I think the media killed him the human body can only take so much even in death they are talking about this man as if he is not human he can not have privacy even in death the way there following the man body is not right they say him an his family is as they say wako but if we put every family in the worlds like on 24 hour video they would say the same about most of them i love Micheal an this one hurts my heart to the core just remember the man that used his carrer for world peace got attack the most

Micheal I will love you always

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