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Pink Slips Fly at City Hall

In a high stakes game of chicken city hall style, Mayor Richard Daley won the first round.

Today more than 1500 layoff notices went out to Chicago union workers.

Daley says that's because unions wouldn't come to the table and accept unpaid furlough days.

But organized labor says there's more to it ... namely that Daley wouldn't give them a guarantee that there would be no layoffs if workers made the requested concessions.

But given that non-union city workers and those in the private sector are taking pay cuts should union workers just suck it up?

Should unions have given Mayor Daley what he wanted?

Is there a greater principle behind their stance?

Do they have a right to complain given the economic realities?

Weigh in here


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paulette love:

While I sympathize with city employees, they should have to pay like everyone else.......

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