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Jada Justice: Volunteer Search

Melissa Swiontek's 2-year old daughter has been missing now for almost a week, and this evening she joined with an army of volunteers to go door-to-door in Gary and Hobart, asking neighbors if they have any information regarding the disappearance of Jada Justice.

Police and F-B-I have been busy searching the woods near Jada's babysitter's home, but Swiontek won't go there.

"We're not looking in the woods, we're not looking in abandoned houses," Swiontek told me.

She instead is focusing on the possibility that Jada is in the home or yard of a neighbor who has not yet heard of the little girl's disappearance.

Is such a scenario a possibility?

Has anyone in Northwest Indiana NOT heard of Jada Justice?


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Bobby Ward:

I am praying like the rest of the country that this child is found safe. When my grandchildren are in the yard and I'm sitting on the porch and the rule is when I come in we all come in. You can't let your child out of your sight for a minute; we have so many sick minded people in the world and they really need help.
I am staying prayerful and asking God to wrap his arms around this child and bring her home safely to her parents who love her.

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