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Why can't HE get a Reality TV show?

'HE' being 29 year old Desmond Hatchett of Knoxville, Tennessee.

'HE,' who appears to have whipped out his 'personal baby-making hatchet' with frequent regularity and success.

"HE' being the father of (count 'em) 21 (TWENTY ONE) kids!
-- fathered with... like a dozen.. different women!!
(Also check out this blog: "Oughta There Be a ...SPERM Law?")


Look at him. Poor thing looks exhausted. And who wouldn't be. All that sperm-delivery, 'plus' working his minimum wage job.

The latter (i.e. his low pay) being the reason his level of child support is soooooooooooo low and apparently non-existent in some cases (he's been called to court numerous times).

Reportedly the mothers of Hatchett's babies (which range in age from 11 months to 11 years) are entitled to up to about 300 bucks a month. But again, he doesn't earn much money and under the law the government's only allowed to take up to 50% of his pay check to cover child support. Word is when you divide that up to cover 21 kids, some of the moms would only get a buck-98 a-month.

I believe a SPERM-Daddy Reality TV Show is The Ticket -- the answer to everyone's Problems.. and Questions.

Problem solved; more money comin' in to cover all that child support (as condom makers and vasectomy clinics would probably love to advertise on the show).

Question answered; since he ain't got no cash, what kind of incredible 'line' he uses to get all those wanna-be mommies in the sack!

Plus, while he *demonstrates his lovin' moves on almost-real TV -- no one would actually get hurt, cuz Mr. H claims he *doesn't plan on having any more kids. Meaning what? He *did plan for the first 21? Wow.


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Get Maury on the phone. You really planted the seed for a practical money-making solution. Several questions: Would the show run long enough to get 21 visits in? What would Freud have said about your use of the term "personal baby-making hatchet"?

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