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Hatred Lives On

It's another example of the disgusting hatred that continues to thrive in America.

A man walks into the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, armed with a rifle. He opens fire in the busy tourist attraction, killing a security guard.

The gunman is James von Brunn. He is 88 years old and a known white supremacist and anti-semite. Von Brunn was shot by police during the incident. He remains hospitalized in critical condition.

Why did he do it?

New details paint a disturbing picture of von Brunn's past. He wrote the book Kill the Best Gentiles, alleging a Jewish conspiracy to destroy the white gene pool and claiming the Holocaust was a hoax.

It is hard to believe in 2009 there are still people denying the Holocaust. It is hard to believe the pervasiveness of ignorance. Simple ignorance has the power to breed hate that is so utterly vile it is for me to comprehend.

As a result of the shooting, the new Illinois Holocaust Museum in Skokie is under heightened security.

What more should be done to help stamp out hatred? Is there anything that can be done? Post your thoughts here.


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Comments (3)

Les Rice:

This is an example of overt prejudice and hatred; however, no one even takes actions against everyday instances of this kind. For example, an experienced teacher with over thirty years of experience reported those types of behaviors and wrong doings of an inexperienced principal to Human Resources. As a result of reporting it, the teacher was involuntarily transferred. This happened at a Glenview school in 2007. The same behaviors were reported to the superintendent. The teacher along with legal representation asked for a mediator or someone with sensitivity training to intervene and he responded that he has another appointment. The principal is still there due to his relationship with that superintendent. The entire school board in that same year failed to investigate. This all gives a message to everyone to keep silent when they experience or witness racism, prejudice, or hatred. Will there always be hatred in the world? Perhaps so. But more needs to be done to stamp out the everyday instances as well.


christians hate jews.
That's what christians do.
christians claim they do not hate.
christians claim that christians are different,
special, and better than non-christians.
that's what starts the hatred.
christians hate abortion doctors.
christians hate "race mixing."
christians hate anything and anyone
that does not bow to christian dogma.
bill o'reilly, newt gingrich, sarah palin, glen beck,
and rush limbaugh all make a living
spewing christian hatred.
and if you say "christians don't spew hatred"
then you believe christians are superior to others.

Joyce Tucker:

You will always have hatred in the world. This 88 year old neo-nazi who killed the security guard today should have been closely monitored when he was released from prison in the 80's, court officials knowing his background. He went back to "business as usual" after prison. Law abiding citizens don't foster hatred. A few psychos make it bad for everyone The scriptures said that "such as was in the days of Noah, before the Flood, wherein there was violence in all the land."

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