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CLTV SPORTS :60: Bears Should Send Cutler Home


Hang on here for a second. Back in April Bears GM Jerry Angelo said he didn’t have a problem with his star quarterback Jay Cutler going out on the town. Really?
Is this the same guy who got rid of his big defensive stud Tank Johnson and prized running back Cedric Benson after they had run-ins with alcohol and the law?


Cutler has been seen around town, at many late night establishments along with tightend Greg Olsen, carousing with the bar folks. Drink in hand, sometimes not, but still out partying like he’s on a college campus.
The point is, that’s when trouble can and usually happens. At the club, late at night , when alcohol, women, and loud music are involved.
All you need is for one guy to have a bit too much liquid courage and the next thing you know your star player’s mug shot is on the front page of the morning paper and all over the television news programs.
I thought Jerry would have learned his lesson from the Johnson incident in which the tackle’s longtime childhood friend was gunned down inside a near north side bar a couple of years ago.
Benson was on his boat down in Texas when he got belligerent with the coast guard and was physically forced off, handcuffed, and hauled away to jail. According to reports he was allegedly inebriated.

What could Angelo be thinking now? What could the Bears organization be thinking at this point? This is the classic case of an accident waiting to happen.
Former NBA star and current TNT NBA analyst Charles Barkley knows firsthand how some bar patrons can get out of hand after a few cocktails. His solution is to just promptly ask the person repeatedly to go about their business. Then, if the request is ignored, simply toss the intoxicated individual out of the nearest window.
I don’t think Cutler and Angelo are interested in finding out if the QB can bench-press an actual human being while hanging out on Rush Street.
My advice to them is to chill out on the late night parties. Go to Gibson’s, Hugo’s Frog Bar, or Ditka’s for a nice meal. Enjoy a few libations and call it an evening.
Sure, I know he needs to get to know the city and let the fan base begin to find out what type of guy he is off the field, but pushing the envelope to the wee hours of the morning is not good.
If the Bears organization didn’t tolerate it from Johnson and Benson, why look the other way and say there’s no problem with hanging out and partying when it’s the star quarterback?
That’s taking a real chance. All you need is for Cutler to get into an altercation with a drunken maniac, smack him in the face, and end up breaking his throwing hand. Now he’s out for the next game if not for the season.
I know Cutler and Olsen have handlers and bodyguards are on these premises, but all it takes is for one envious guy to take one swipe at good old number 6 and that could be all she wrote.
Jerry I think it’s time to reel Jay in, remember Bourbonnais is just around the corner and I would hate to hear you say there was no problem with the quarterback going out after learning through the media he put his fist in some stupefied person’s mouth.
You don’t need another late night incident. Believe me neither does Coach Lovie Smith.


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Comments (2)

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Johnny Milburn:

Hey jerry the only people that need
to be sent home, is you and lover morrissey. You two are the the only fools in Chicago that has it out for cutler. No one cares what you both think of cutler. Do you really think the front office cares about anything you two say? Do you really think that Angelo waits for your advice on what be should do next. You guys are nothing more then Monday morning quarterbacks.

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