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Go on! Adopt that Really-Cute-Once-Abused Doggie in the Window!

40 abuse connected dogs -just in from Tennessee- are now in residence at Chicago's Anti-Cruelty Society, a no-kill pet shelter. Check out the short video story posted here.

Officials at the Anti-Cruelty Society tell me there's is a 7-Million dollar annual operation, heavily dependent on donated funding. They place thousands upon thousands of dogs and also cats (June is Adopt-a-Cat month) into adoptive homes each year. For more go to


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I am so pleased to learn about your no-kill shelter and all that you do for homeless pets! The county shelter in Miami, Florida, is unfortunately a high-kill facility, and as a volunteer, I'd love to know that animals I work with one day, if not adopted, will definitely be there and available for adoption the next. Congratulations on your no-kill status! I look forward to visiting the website and learning more about your facility and adoptions. Hopefully I can learn how to help our shelter with more adoptions and hopefully a no-kill status one day.

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