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Gangster Disciple Derrick?


Here's a rookie mistake by NBA Rookie of the Year Derrick Rose.

He's not very love-a-bull in this photo.

Rose says he flashed the "pitchforks" sign of the Gangster Disciples Nation while attending a party as a student-athlete at the University of Memphis- but in a statement he issued today, Rose says he meant the picture "as a joke... a bad one, I now must admit."

The Bulls guard goes on:

"I want to emphatically state, now and forever, that Derrick Rose is anti-gang, anti-drug, and anti-violence. I am not, nor have I ever been, affiliated with a gang and can't speak loudly enough against gang violence, and the things that gangs represent."

A spokesman for the Bulls says the organization is largely unconcerned about the photo.

Are you?

What do you make of the picture?


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Comments (14)


gdn folk nation



Monique Miller:

Look as you can see this man HENRY is prejudice. He dowsn't want to see an young African American move foward. believe that what this man said was a racial slur. He does look a little up in the sky. But nobody was there taht commenting on thsi pics to know what he was doing. If its a party and yu take pics you dont think what your doing. Your jsut taking a pic. As the media say this was FRESHMEN year. The media is sooo petty. They try to break you down to get rich. As long as his high school, family, friends, and fans support him it doesnt matter. About the test scores he didnt put a gun up to whoevers head and say do it so I strongly believe tat whole situation was DUMB for bringing it up. The MEDIA wants people to dislike this man he was doing it before he was a star which doesnt mean he cant change. You can take the man out the hood look at OBam SUCCESSFUL. GD means GANSTER DISCIPLE ALL IS ONE MEANS ALL WELL WHICH IS THE OPPOSITE OF GANSTER DISCIPLE. GO ROSE!


Okay this is what really pisses me off....Just because he did something as foolish as this now he is a bad guy....Get over yourselves!!!...People just hate to see someone from where he is from be SUCCESSFUL!!!! I have never heard of someone from another county or ''uppity'' part of Chicago make it far and then there was some aligations of that person doing wrong...That just show that the media has nothing else to write about and they find the first pic and post it for the world to see!!! He is a great player and some little boys idol....now people are making him seem like he did something soo bad...I do admit that it was stupid....but he was having fun....It was COLLEGE....HELLO PEOPLE!!! Can't noone tell me that they never did anything stupid in their life....and if you did I bet you hope that noone finds out in the corporate world that your working in...LOL....Let's get it together!!! At this point in our lives, we need to stop talking about and bringing up the past. The future should bring on a change!!!!


i think that he wasnt thinking at the time of what he was doing....but i think he should be glad that no REAL gang member wants to hurt him since he IS famous...becuase if ur not afalitated or hang out with people who are with gangs or drugs and vilance y should you act like one?? i use to stay out on the soulth side and they dont like people PRETENDING to be like them if u aint...


The news paper is worng for putting this in the news. They should put this in the news you guys must not have any storyies. Its not like he is doing this now. Almost every kid in chicago have went away to school and acted like they were in a gang. He not out they like that they are worng. He just a kid with a big dream. Keep your head up D. Rose. You they best that came out in your class. Next year draft is sharron Collins Chi town stand up for your ball players

Mark Allen:

As one who was raised in the Englewood community, and watched how gang influences negatively impacted many who would have been professionals in their chosen fields, and how those gang elements deterred their dreams. I want to commend Derrick Rose for rising above the influences that the gang elements had on him growing up, through high school and college, to NOW having grown into the professional athlete and adult that he is today. He projects nothing but professionalism on and off the court. Instead of the major media and others trying to embarrass him, they should be commending him for overcoming, for those environments could have impacted him into never achieving his dreams as a student, athlete and person.


Are we all so HOLY that we haven't made mistakes in our lives. At that point in his life that's what he did, but as he has grown older he's seen the error of living a life style such as this, or for making a bad judgment call at the time.

My question for you would be would it make a difference that he had made the hand gestures if he were not an African American basketball player? Probably not. We all live and learn and he has learned from his mistake. Should it haunt him? No, move on from this and report on something that has true substance like the shortage of books in CPS, or how the City of Chicago continues to do a disservice toward youth and minorities. If they city gave children positive options and did something to truly curb and stop gang violence and police violence this wouldn't even be an issue.

So stop focusing on getting the Olympics in 2016, and try to find positive alternatives for you youth so they won't hav eto turn to gangs.


Get over it...he’s from the south side of Chicago...that’s what sum of these kids live and die by...its reality people..and except for being happy that he made it out of his situation you try to bring him down..typical media move..smh

teresa brown:

I think that Derrick Rose is human like all of us I think it was a mistake to allow someone to snap a picture with such negativity which is ruining our community,But whether or wheter or not he 's affiliated I commend him on changing his life." He is an example of what we hope for I thught," a young man who probably he had flaws and basketball was his way out took notice of it and became a role model I think such negativty should be exploited in the media because it probably opens new wounds. Just my opinions.


I know him personally he is not and have never been affiliated with any gang. I mean, you might have friends that are in gangs but hell the whole city of Chicago is just one big GANG. But in all honesty you can't put pictures up like that on national t.v he is from Chicago and still lives here. Real gang members in Chicago are not going to except it was just a joke. HONESTLY YOU CAN'T DO THAT HE STILL HAS TO LIVE AND PLAY HERE. YOU JUST CAN'T DO THAT. YOU JUST CAN'T DO THAT....


on the boss folk 7-4-14


First of all, what do you expect him to say other then what was said. A bad joke! Wrong, just by looking at his eyes, he's just to high to realize the consequences and forgetting the picture was out their. I've seen the whole picture, and I assume the person standing behind him flashing the gang signs was just another joker. You can take the man out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the man. Just a gangbanger who played basketball a little better then the rest of the bangers. Just ask his buddy who also got his grades changed to go to college but wound up in the joint.

I hope the BD's and the Four Corner Hustlers still support him at the box office, but looking at the NBA now, I'm sure they have their own representatives on the court. Maybe they'll get rid of the NBA cheerleaders and just have gangbangers on the sidelines flashing gang signs and represent their favorite gang and player.

Finally, I give you the true answer for Rose without foul language.. Hell yeah! I'm a GD! Represent my peeps! I was at that chill'in at the party, firing up that blunt and getting hiiiiiiiigh! Needed to show my peeps back in the hood I made it.


he is gd , the number 1 on his jersey is known for all is one to gd's

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