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Crackdown On Potent Marijuana

Congressman Mark Kirk wants to put stricter penalties on selling a certain type of potent marijuana known as "Kush". It is apparently five times stronger than the marijuana that was being sold back in the 1990's. Kirk wants send drug dealers to jail for up to 25 years for selling this drug that has a THC content of 15%. This proposed law would apply to any marijuana with a THC content matching that or higher. THC is the active ingredient in the drug that gets people high. Is this too harsh? Will this tie up jails with non-violent criminals? Police say drug growers are becoming better at making powerful, genetically-control marijuana. Do you think marijuana is a big deal? Do you think it should be legalized outright? The current penalties are up to five years in prison for selling amounts under 50 kilograms or growing up to 49 plants. The fines are between $250,000 to $1,000,000. The new proposed fines would be between $1,000,000 and $5,000,000. Some believe the attention should be focused elsewhere. Where do you stand?


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cole white:

good weed is better for you THC yeah it gets you high so if you are a smoker then heck yeah you want more THC the more the better. Police are just mad because it sells for over 5000 a pound and it is everywhere. i live in aurora and we get are stuff in chicago.


legalize it,collect exhorberant taxes on the sale.Strongly criminalize illegal sales.release anyone in prison for possesion for personal use.Sales tax and money saved from releasing incarcerated pot heads would eliminate the national debt in a couple of years.
I don't smoke it "used to" and wouldn't if it was legal. The only time I got into trouble smoking pot was for possesion,Back then it was $100 fines.Alcohol trouble cost me a fortune. If pot was legalized alcohol consumption would be reduced nationwide reducing alcohol related deaths.

These new ideas for controlling pot is only going to cost taxpayers more. How many people are going to have this much money for fines. We will spend more incarcerating than we will receive collecting. The "war on drugs" was lost the minute it began. There is no way they will ever stop pot.If you can't beat them, tax 'em.
Why is our government so set on fighting battles which were lost before they began?

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