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Could You be a Chicago Police Officer?

Today is a sad day for the Chicago Police Department.

This morning, a 27-year-old officer was shot twice in a drive-by shooting on the South Side.

The 3-year veteran is in extremely critical condition with a bullet lodged in his head.

I went to Stroger Hospital a few hours after the shooting. I found dozens of officers keeping vigil for their wounded brother.

One officer approached me. He wouldn't provide his name, but he did give me his story. He was a 20-year veteran of the force and he had been shot at numerous times, but fortunately he was never wounded. He said that everyday people don't understand just how dangerous it is to be a police officer, especially on the streets of Chicago.

Before he walked away, he asked me if I would ever consider being an officer. I told him no way. Why?

Being a police officer is a heavy burden that comes with little recognition. Dealing with death and criminals is a difficult job. Yet no one is more important to a community than a good cop. I'm not sure I'd be up to the task.

What about you?

Do you have what it takes to be a Chicago Police officer?


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Comments (3)


I personally don't see what all the rave is about! Someone lost their life and they just happen to be a police officer, OKAY. Individuals lose their lives eveyday. Are we going to talk about them for the next 2 weeks? Follow their funeral services LIVE. Make a hurried arrest to satify the family, oh well!! The day that police actually pay for their actions like eveyone else then maybe the public would give a hoot. As long as they can say "He had gun, or "I felt threatened," can plant guns and drugs to make their case oh and lets not forget Drive Drunk and kill people and get away with it (2nd time this year)they will never get any respect. I guess some should say Daley is doing a piss-poor job. I believe the police are doing what Daley tells them to that's why they can get away with all these criminal acts. We have to get Daley out of office for god's sake. Oh... and If you live in Englewood I would personally stay in the house if I were a male under 50 years of age who knows what kind of retailiation may happen from the police.


I'm sorry to hear the Police Officer lost his life. Just like I'm sorry to hear anyone lose their life when civilians are shot down by police. You hear the story police shot and killed someone who pulled out a gun! 9 times out 10 the civilian had no gun. We all know police put guns and drugs on these people to cover their backs! OK 2 Police Officer lost their life this year. How many innocent civilians lost their life....Yes they had families also. One story a few years ago I can't remember the victim name but she was shot down by a police office who said she pulled a gun.. The police lied, tried to cover it up, It turned out she was holding her cellphone. I don't trust cops myself, I see them and go the other way. That's ashame because I have cop friends and they know their're are some cops are durty!!!!


I am a 9 year veteran of the police department and the public should realize that the men and women who fight crime as police officers are human. We have friends and families just like everyone else. Yet we leave them daily knowing that there is a possibility that we won't return. And yet we do it daily for our families and the city of Chicago. We understand that most encounters with police officers aren't under happy circumstances but we are here to help society as a whole!

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