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Cop Sentenced for Beating Man in Wheelchair

Chicago police officer William Cozzi will spend about 3-and-a-half years in prison for beating a man shackled to a wheelchair. The incident was captured on videotape.

The beating happened at Norwegian American Hospital in August of 2005. The man in the wheelchair, Randy Miles, was apparently being loud and verbally abusive while awaiting treatment. Cozzi handcuffed Miles and shackled his legs to the wheelchair, then hit him repeatedly with a sap.

Cozzi's lawyers had argued their client has lived a law-abiding life. Police officers are held to a higher standard. Is 3-and-a-half years an adequate punishment or not enough?


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No i don't think that was o.k. that officer should have gotten more time lately these officers have been doing a heck of a lot more above the law stuff shooting and killing people. and getting away with all of it. this is scary and i for one don't feel safe i am not saying let people who break the law get away with it but dose it take people getting killed.I think they are mad because they did not win the contract with mayor Daley.We have put guns into the hands of angry people who want more money and they are taking out on us people who depend on them for the jobs they signed up and took an oath to do regardless of the pay.
G mac please put them on blast pull the covers off before the mistrust of the Chicago Police Officers and the communities becomes more damaged than now.

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