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CLTV SPORTS :60: Kobe's No M.J.


Let me be the first to say congratulations to Coach Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers on winning the 2009 NBA Championship.

I know the Finals are not over yet, but it's just a matter of time before it's all said and done. The Lakers will win the title. They lead the best of seven series 2-0. They are simply better. Better coaches, players, and organization.

Kobe will finally collect his fourth NBA title which will be his first without Shaquille O'Neal. So the question comes to mind, is Jackson the reason #24 will win number four and is he the reason Michael Jordan won six?

Can Phil win without a superstar? Shaq won under Pat Riley in Miami along with Dwayne Wade, yet the Zen Master couldn't win after Jordan left the game for two seasons.

Did Phil make Michael or Michael make Phil?

I think Jordan would have won a title with any team in the NBA because of his drive and determination. Phil probably would have won one maybe two because of his success in the CBA, but I don't think Kobe would even have one without the master of the triangle offense.

So Kobe when you hoist up the Larry O'Brien trophy after clinching the title this season please remember to thank Coach Phil and his staff, your teammates and the organization, and last but not least the best of all time. The one who truly made you.

The real and only King, Michael Jordan!

And, if you're too arrogant to say it, let me do it for you. Thanks Mike!!!!

By the way, if you have some room in your heart, please find a way to thank your real dad, the guy who actually made it possible for you.

Joe "Jelly Bean" Bryant.



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Comments (2)

Reginald Penny:

Your argument is so circular it's laughable. Kobe wouldn't have won without Phil but on the other hand Phil wouldn't have won without Kobe. Therefore he concludes that neither of them are really that good and their success and championships are all a meaningless sham?

But MJ's success was different because.....oh, yeah, it's not.

Superstar Player + HOF Coach = Championships

This is actually funny because it's transparent. It sounds like it was written by a teenager.

I couldn't help but to laugh.

In fact, I'd argue that MJ actually HURT Kobe's career and legacy because everyone kept comparing the 2 right off the bat, and that made many resent Kobe to the point that no matter what he accomplished (and continues to accomplish), people try to down play or minimize it. And that includes people in the game, itself. Scoop Jackson wrote an article about that topic, and it was right on point.

I suspect that had MJ not played the game, Kobe would probably have had several more MVPs on his resume, and he would be the undeniable standard by which other wings are measured. He is in many ways regardless, but you get the point.

Having said that, the masses will miss Kobe when he's gone. Kobe has excited fans either in an "I hate that guy" or "I just love that guy" way from day 1. He has truly been must see tv, no matter the side of the spectrum you're on.


What a despicable piece of writing.
Do yourself a favor and climb to the highest floor of the Sears Tower and jump off.
Your bitterness is pathetic.

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