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CLTV SPORTS :60: Are You Kidding Me!!!!


As one of the producers on "Garrard McClendon Live" I could not help but respond to this blog posted by the host of the show, Garrard. I truly believe students graduating from high school and looking to further their education should be able to apply to the school of their choice if they meet all the criteria. But realistically, if you can gain advantage over another student when it comes to getting accepted to that particular university, in most cases the student and parents will do so. I don't really have a problem with it. The University of Illinois accepts nearly 85 percent of the state's students who apply for enrollment. My son currently attends The Ohio State University just completing his sophomore year. State was his selection. U of I was on his short list. As a parent, I was in a position to actually talk with a few individuals who would have assisted us in supporting his education financially if my son had decided to attend the U of I. Academically he qualified, but had he been boarder line, his mom and I would've had a way to get him enrolled. (Mom is a U of I alum). As in many cases in our society and in the world it's not "what you know, but who you know." If Johnny gets into the university because his dad golfs with Ron Guenther, the schools AD, kudos to the kid and his family. That's just how it is. No system is 100 percent perfect. I believe the best should get selected, but college is a life experience not just a classroom experience. Diversity is always needed no matter if you're rich, poor, black or white. If it comes down to a Stevenson grad and a Simeon grad, if the inner-city student knows a state rep or senator, why not use the trump card? And remember, nearly 85 percent of the state's graduating seniors who apply to the school are getting in anyway. We're talking less than possbily 2-3 percent who aren't. Time for some parents to simply start searching for a new golfing buddy if you ask me.


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Nina Pa:

I'm sure a lot of inner city parents play golf and have personal relationships with the trustees at U of I...or maybe in reality it's folks like you and your wife who are in a position to help people but choose to help only your children.

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