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CLTV SPORTS :60: Derrick "The Kid" Rose


He's the NBA Rookie of the Year and a first round draft pick of the Chicago Bulls. He's not Al Capone, Joey "The Clown" Lombardo, and his name isn't Knuckles.
Derrick Rose is a product of the South Side and the Englewood area. He is the one that made it out of the hood. He is making something of himself in a big way. Get off the kid's case. And I say kid because he isn't even 21 years of age yet.


Okay, he was seen in a picture, during a party, flashing gang signs. Believe me I am not condoning this type of behavior, but for those of you who may not know, D-Rose comes from another type of hood than many of you I suppose.
In the hood, kids, teens, and even adults act and behave a certain way compared to someone growing up on the North side of the city or some of the surrounding suburbs. Jeans pulled down to your butt, gym shoes or Timberland boots, baseball caps cocked to the side, and bling is a part of the hood culture. People wear their hats to the side and aren't even affiliated with any gang. It's the style in the hood. Oh sure, some of them among their friends will playfully flash the signs and yell GD (Gangster Disciple), but in all actuality they will be the first ones to steer away from the real gangbangers.
Would it have been more acceptable if Rose was flipping someone the bird in that picture as opposed to flashing the gang signs? I wonder. It worked for Coach Mike Ditka.

It's called the hood for a reason. You don't say the neighborhood. It's not Chicago, it's THE CHI! Believe me I didn't write or make the rules, I'm just sharing with you those who follow the rules. The RULES in the HOOD.
Derrick came out with a statement emphatically saying he's anti-gang. He said he made a very bad mistake. I'd like to ask the Sports talk show host on radio and television, the newspaper beat reporter, along with all the critics, have you ever in your life done anything dumb and/or stupid that later you wished just went away? Especially while you were at a college party? If you say no, watch out for that lightning bolt. To me, that's more of the problem. Being at a campus party where I'm sure alcohol was being served to underage students. Nothing has been said about that. For some reason it's about bashing Rose's reputation.
The one thing I do wonder about is who was the one that snitched? That's a no-no in the hood. That person will forever be known as a HATER!
So, unless Rose changes his name to "Baby-Face" Rose or "Shorty" leave him alone and let him just play basketball. Maybe we should just call him "THE KID".


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