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Chicago Police Officer Killed Doing Job He Loved

First of all, thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Valadez. He's the 27-year-old who was killed while responding to a call of shots fired early Monday morning. He's described as a "great officer" by Superintendent Weis. He came from a family of officers. His brother, sister, and fiance all worked for the Chicago Police Department. This shows the dangers of the job, and also the dangers of the city. It reminds us all why we should respect and honor police for the job they do everyday, most going unnoticed until something tragic happens. Police are looking for the suspects who drove by South Hermitage on the south side and fired off several shots, hitting Valadez in the head and leg. He gave his life trying to protect the city. So when you think of all the officers who don't act right, get in trouble with law, or harass innocent people, remember there are those out there who give their life protecting you. Share your thoughts here.


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Al Winston:

Daley and Stroger killed Valadez and are making an environment for Chicago cops, firemen, and paramedics which is dangerous and ineffective. Daley wants them all to take 2 months worth of unpaid leave (wait, are the aldermen and Daley doing this? Uh, no. Neither is City Council), and despite population increases in the city of rather notable amounts, no increase in such personnel has occurred since the late 1980's.

Chicagoans need to WAKE UP and get rid of Daley and Stroger, along with those councilmen who raised the sales tax to the highest in the country. Oh, Richie, by the way- nice job with the meters. Any more bright ideas on how to screw up city services?


It is sad anytime a human being perishes on earth, so for that RIP.

However, there is an 'us against them mentality' in Chicago coming from both sides. On one hand the citizens, & the other the cops. Is there truly any police that honestly 'protect & serve' the community anymore? The media reporting is skewed in police favor. But how many times is it the cop doing the shooting and the citizen who was hit in the head? And when that is the case we quickly move to the next story. I ask you as a serious reporter to go onto the streets and observe the police. Their ego is amazing, and its all about power & control. The male officer will gawk & catcall at our sisters & daughters all day long no doubt thinking of perversion, while harassing male citizens for drugs or weapons. I've been harassed & searched specifically for guns, on the shores of Lake Michigan while practicing Tai-Chi, by female officers who exclaimed "Where's the gun at?!" How is that protecting us? Corruption in this city starts at its core, and in order for our city to be safe, we must change our draconian 'drug' laws, get rid of the silver spoon-fed mayor & reverse police mentality.


OUR Prayers and LOVE for Your Family...

Family of Det. David J. Evans (Area 1)

Donald Reinke

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