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Brother of Suspected Cop Killer Speaks Out

You could already probably guess what Terrance Walker, the brother alleged cop killer Kevin Walker told me outside the Cook County Criminal Courthouse. Kevin Walker is the suspected gang member charged with first degree murder in connection with the killing of Chicago Police officer Alejandro Valadez. Walker is accused of driving the car when shots rang out, hitting Valadez in the head and leg. Terrance Walker says his younger 21-year-old brother is not in a gang. He's says his brother would never be involved in this crime. He also believes his brother had to be intimidated into confessing to the crime, which prosecutors say happened after he was arrested and charged Tuesday. Kevin Walker does have a record, convicted of attempted armed robbery. Do you buy what his brother is selling? Do you think there's any truth to what he is saying? Valadez was only on the force for three years, but received accommodations for his police work. Walker and the shooter are now being held without bond. It's another loss of a great officer say police.


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People are so stupid especially when they say what some one else won't do. The suspects brother may be a gang member too. HE most likely has a record as well. As a young, thriving Black woman it gives me great pleasure to label the two suspects and his defensive brother as the permanet permanet underclass. R.I.P Officer A.V

schuyler smith:

Everyone one who is from the inner city of Chicago knew that law enforcement was going to find the suspects and charge them, which is why I agree with Mr. Terrance Walker. If they did the crime then justice will be served but let’s not close our minds to the fact that police bullying can happen and someone will pay. It’s really strange how they found the suspects in one day but others who use school children as target practice on a daily basis are never caught. Furthermore when I heard the news anchor mention that these young men did not graduate high school among all the other negative things they had going on in their lives I thought that was very irrelevant and petty. It made me feel as though CLTV was trying to make the listener by into to what uneducated monsters they possibly could be with no fairness on their part behind it. My prayer goes out to the friends and family of the fallen officer and also to the young men who were said to confessed to the crime.

Schuyler Smith


It amazes me that everytime a vicious crime is commited,a family member of the suspect claims that they(suspect) had nothing to do with the crime,only to find out that often the suspect has had several run ins with the police.

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