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Baby Faris Update

He should be going home from the hospital within two weeks! That's the latest on the not-quite-one-year-old northwest suburban Hanover Park dynamo we've been reporting on for the past several months.

First, at death's door.. in need of a new heart. Then, post transplant --what his mother Siham has called a miracle. His name: Faris Samara.

Mrs. Samara called today to update me on her baby's condition, saying he's now ready to be moved from the intensive care unit at Children's Memorial to a regular floor, "because of his progress!"

But more importantly his mother wants to continue to shine a light on the very reason her son is alive and looking forward to celebrating his first birthday - organ donation.

Says Siham, " I hope people can be convinced to become organ donors from all of this. That's why my son's alive right now, because of a donor.. and why, I'm so darn happy these days."

For more information on becoming an organ donor go to LifeGoesOn.com.

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THATS MY BRO I LOVE U FARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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