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June 1, 2009

Stump Tim & Tonya: Swami Vivekananda Statue

Today's picture comes from Bhavna Goswami of Buffalo Grove.

According to the Vivekananda Vedanta Society:

The first statue of Swami Vivekananda in America was installed at 4 PM on Sunday, July 12, 1998 at the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago in Lemont, Illinois.

The statue was installed on "Vivekananda Hill", a hillock in the temple compound, which overlooks the main entrance. The statue was unveiled by Shri J.C. Sharma, Consul General of India, Chicago at an elaborate ceremony.

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Could You be a Chicago Police Officer?

Today is a sad day for the Chicago Police Department.

This morning, a 27-year-old officer was shot twice in a drive-by shooting on the South Side.

The 3-year veteran is in extremely critical condition with a bullet lodged in his head.

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CLTV SPORTS :60: LeBron Makes Big Mistake!



Cleveland is called the “mistake by the lake” for a reason.

The most recent mistake coming out of the Ohio City is that of their star NBA performer LeBron James, better known as King James.


The league’s MVP was anything but royal. After his Cavaliers were eliminated from the playoffs by Dwight Howard and the Orland Magic in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals, James stormed off the court without congratulating his opponents and refused to address the media.

Around these parts we call that bush-league. It’s simply called “Sportsmanship”. Win or lose the politically correct thing to do is to shake your opponents hand and congratulate them.

It starts at the pop-Warner level. When you are beaten by a better team you show them respect by acknowledging that. You don’t run off the field or court and go home pouting. You don’t take your ball and go home if you don’t get your way, LeBron.

Unfortunately for you, in this case, you are going home, but without the ball. Is James a spoiled, selfish, egotistical, arrogant athlete who only cares about himself and winning? I would like to think not, but this latest act may be hard to defend.

In fairness to James, this is not the first time a player in the NBA has done this sort of thing. Isaiah Thomas and the Bad-Boys of Detroit did it back in the day when Michael Jordan and the Bulls knocked them out of the playoffs. Zeke was crucified for this unthinkable act.

Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics did the same thing to Thomas and his Pistons when the late Chuck Daly’s gang was on their quest to win a championship. It happens, but it’s not right!

The NHL does it the right way. Even in the playoffs, when a team is eliminated from competition both sides skate down the middle of the ice congratulating each other for their great play and sportsmanship. You hear that LeBron. SPORTSMANSHIP!

It’s not life or death. It’s a game. Simply a game in which you are paid handsomely to play.

NFL players get it as well. After every game both teams meet in the middle of the field and exchange pleasantries and shake hands while the loser congratulates the winner. Some even kneel down on the logo at the 50-yard line and pray together after playing such a fierce and competitive contest.

Boxers beat each other up for several rounds. Once the fight has ended they hug, shake hands, and congratulate each other and their corners.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand you’re not supposed to like the other guy you’re playing against, but that’s while the clock is running. Once the horn sounds and the clock reads zero, it’s back to being a regular human being with feelings and compassion. The game is over.

Be grateful and thankful, not selfish and inconsiderate. Despite what Charles Barkley says, you are a role model and young people look up to you. Is this the way to show future leaders how to act when they lose? I don’t think so.

So, congratulations to Superman and the Magic on advancing to the NBA Finals to face Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers for the title.


Let’s just hope Howard and company don’t have to face another selfish, egotistical, arrogant, high-paid superstar who walks off the court after losing a series. That would be another big “mistake”.

It could happen though!

Look at this Ladies' Room!


Private suites, in-stall vanities, sconces, chandeliers and murals- they are all fixtures of what could be voted America's Best Restroom.

The Drake Hotel's Palm Court Powder Room is among ten finalists- and the only in Chicago- chosen in America's Best Restroom VIII Contest, sponsored by Cintas Corporation.

The criteria?

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Video of the Day: Bruno and Eminem Get Intimate

A touching moment at the MTV Music Awards.
Check out our video of the day.

General Motors Files Bankruptcy

The nation's largest automaker filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, Monday. General Motors executives are promising the struggling automaker will emerge in two to three months, as a leaner, quicker, more customer-friendly company.

The U.S. government will take a 60-percent ownership stake in GM.

"Working with my auto taskforce, GM and its stakeholders have produced a viable achievable plan that will give this iconic American company a chance to rise again," said President Barack Obama.

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Oughta There Be a ...SPERM Law?

He's 29 years old and has 21 -TWENTY ONE- kids!

To top it off he's a Dead Beat Dad!

Desmond Hatchett was hauled into a Knoxville, Tennessee court over alleged failure to pay child support for four (4) of his kids. That's when it came to light that he also has 17 other offspring conceived with 11 (eleven!!!) different mothers.

Listen. Not judging here, however, if you're gonna whip it out and play.. shouldn't you also have to pay?

Poor thing apparently can't help it. According to his attorney, Hatchett makes only minimum wage, so truly he needs state assistance to pay all that kid support. (Interestingly, he didn't apparently need any assistance in conjuring up those kids.)

Mr. Hatchett now claims he doesn't plan to have any other children. Whew! Tennessee taxpayers (i.e. Hatchett Child Supporters) can now rest easy and assured. But what about those 21 kids he's already had? How are they resting?

Chicago Police Officer Killed Doing Job He Loved

First of all, thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Valadez. He's the 27-year-old who was killed while responding to a call of shots fired early Monday morning. He's described as a "great officer" by Superintendent Weis. He came from a family of officers. His brother, sister, and fiance all worked for the Chicago Police Department. This shows the dangers of the job, and also the dangers of the city. It reminds us all why we should respect and honor police for the job they do everyday, most going unnoticed until something tragic happens. Police are looking for the suspects who drove by South Hermitage on the south side and fired off several shots, hitting Valadez in the head and leg. He gave his life trying to protect the city. So when you think of all the officers who don't act right, get in trouble with law, or harass innocent people, remember there are those out there who give their life protecting you. Share your thoughts here.

I'm A Viewer, Get My TV Out Of Here!

It's wasn't the first time we've seen Patti Blagojevich on television.


But instead of reading to children or cutting a ribbon to open a hospital, Mrs. Blago was eating a tarantula and chatting with Spencer and Heidi Pratt from the Hills.

Yes, folks, I watched (some of) "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!" on Monday night.

It was interesting. It was amusing. It was embarassing.

Did you watch the show? What did you think?

I'll be interested to see what the ratings were for Chicago.

June 2, 2009

Stump Tim & Tonya: Fish Fountain

Today's picture comes from Lindsey Nesselbush.

It's the "Man with Fish Fountain" outside of the Shedd Aquarium.

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Why can't HE get a Reality TV show?

'HE' being 29 year old Desmond Hatchett of Knoxville, Tennessee.

'HE,' who appears to have whipped out his 'personal baby-making hatchet' with frequent regularity and success.

"HE' being the father of (count 'em) 21 (TWENTY ONE) kids!
-- fathered with... like a dozen.. different women!!
(Also check out this blog: "Oughta There Be a ...SPERM Law?")


Look at him. Poor thing looks exhausted. And who wouldn't be. All that sperm-delivery, 'plus' working his minimum wage job.

The latter (i.e. his low pay) being the reason his level of child support is soooooooooooo low and apparently non-existent in some cases (he's been called to court numerous times).

Reportedly the mothers of Hatchett's babies (which range in age from 11 months to 11 years) are entitled to up to about 300 bucks a month. But again, he doesn't earn much money and under the law the government's only allowed to take up to 50% of his pay check to cover child support. Word is when you divide that up to cover 21 kids, some of the moms would only get a buck-98 a-month.

I believe a SPERM-Daddy Reality TV Show is The Ticket -- the answer to everyone's Problems.. and Questions.

Problem solved; more money comin' in to cover all that child support (as condom makers and vasectomy clinics would probably love to advertise on the show).

Question answered; since he ain't got no cash, what kind of incredible 'line' he uses to get all those wanna-be mommies in the sack!

Plus, while he *demonstrates his lovin' moves on almost-real TV -- no one would actually get hurt, cuz Mr. H claims he *doesn't plan on having any more kids. Meaning what? He *did plan for the first 21? Wow.

Another missing, possibly murdered woman?

Stacy Peterson, Lisa Stebic, Irma Rodriguez?

Rodriguez disappeared from her Oak Forest home Sunday night.

Last night, her car was found in nearby Midlothian with a woman’s body stuffed in the trunk. The woman had been shot to death.

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Video of the Day: Patti's Jungle Drama

Patti Blagojevich ...new TV star...or reality wreck?
Check out a clip from her debut on "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here" where Patti tries to fight the current.

House Fire Kills Arlington Heights Mother and Son

A neighborhood came together to mourn the loss of 41-year-old mother Patricia Finnerty and her 11-year-old son Garrett Finnerty. Both were killed in a house fire in their Arlington Heights neighborhood. The family was extremely active in the community. Forty-six year-old father Kevin Finnerty was an artist and coached youth baseball. The mother was a college counselor at Libertyville High School and Garrett played baseball and was also in cubs scout. What is puzzling to most is police are calling the fire suspicious, deemed possible arson because of the unusual burn patterns found in the house. Friends called Patricia a "great mother", a loving family. And now Kevin is fighting for his life in the hospital on life support, badly burned and injured Tuesday morning. The couple had two other kids who made it out safely. The school community at Westgate, where the fifth grader went to school, is postponing ceremonies wrapped around graduation at the end of he school year. The word tragic is tossed around a lot, but this fits the bill. Friends say there's no way arson was involved, especially not from a family member. So if you are a parent, grab your loved ones. You never know what tomorrow brings. Share your thoughts.

Two Charged in CPD Officer's Death

Two young men are now charged with the shooting death of 27-year-old Chicago Police Officer Alejandro "Alex" Valadez.

21-year-old Kevin Walker and 20-year-old Shawn Gaston each face three charges tonight:

First Degree Murder
First Degree Murder of a Peace Officer
Attempted Murder

According to Chicago Police, Gaston was the shooter and Walker was the driver.

Valadez was in plainclothes when he was shot in the head and leg about 12:15 Monday morning. Police say he and his partner were standing outside talking with someone when the shots were fired.

It's sad that not only did a 27-year-old officer die in this tragedy, but that two young "men" are now charged in that death.

Report: Parking Meter Deal "Dubious"

Chicago's Inspector General David Hoffman released an analysis of the city's controversial 75-year parking meter lease agreement, Tuesday.

Continue reading "Report: Parking Meter Deal "Dubious"" »

Should Quinn say "No More Mr. Nice Guy?"

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has scarcely been in office a hundred days. But he's already incurred a great setback; the general assembly has snubbed him on his tax hike and budget proposal.

Quinn has spent most of his career as a reformer on the outside, lobbing rhetorical and electoral bombs at the establishment. So he may not be prepared for this sort of no-holds-barred battle on the inside.

And following the Rod Blagojevich political strategy of trying to shame your opponent as being against the poor and downtrodden probably won't work either.

Still, he has leverage. Lawmakers larded up the state's capital construction bill with more than $500 million in pork projects and if he so chose he could put a brick on it. So if lawmakers want to see a ribbon cutting in their district Quinn could compel them into playing ball on the budget.

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June 3, 2009

Stump Tim & Tonya: Jack Benny Statue

Today's picture comes from Tim McGill. (he was tired of losing)

It's the Jack Benny Statue in Waukegan. It was dedicated June 8, 2002 in Benny Plaza.

According to the Waukegan Historical Society:

Jack Benny, born Benjamin Kubelsky on February 14, 1894, was raised in Waukegan and never forgot his roots. His family lived in several apartments and houses during his childhood, and this house, rented by the family in 1909 and 1910 is the last surviving building in Waukegan in which he lived. The two-and-one-half story frame house was built for Peter Paulson, who rented the house to the Kubelsky family. It was while living her that young Benjamin received his first break into show business, obtaining a position playing the violin in the pit of the Barrison Theatre.

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CLTV SPORTS :60: Blame Lou For Cubs Debacle!!!



What the heck happened to the Cubs last night?
How did they blow a 5-0 lead only to fall to the Braves 6-5 in 12-innings down at Turner Field in Atlanta? This surely was the worst managed game by skipper Lou Piniella.
The only bright spot you can say was from the arm of starting rookie pitcher Randy Wells who threw seven innings while allowing only 2 runs off of 2 hits and striking out four Braves having only thrown 83 pitches.
What was Lou thinking to pull this kid after a night of great work? I thought the unwritten rule was to allow pitchers to throw 100 pitches before lifting them. Maybe I’m wrong but if the youngster has given up only two hits all game let him keep going.
So the question is who is to blame for the Northsiders worst loss of the season thus far? Is it
A) Piniella
B) 1st baseman Derrek Lee who committed his first error of the season which may have triggered the Braves comeback
C) The lack of bullpen production by both Carlos Marmol and Kevin Gregg who gave up the lead in the 8th and 9th innings


D) Piniella for pitching to Chipper Jones in the 12th inning who singled in the game winning run or
E) All of the above
(E)ither one works for me. This was indeed a team effort minus the pitching performance of Wells who lowered his ERA to 1.69.

Continue reading "CLTV SPORTS :60: Blame Lou For Cubs Debacle!!!" »

Video of the Day: Susan Boyle's nemesis


By now, the world knows about Susan Boyle's shocking second place finish on Britain's Got Talent. But who came in first? See for yourself.

Watch the video here.

Parking Meter Fallout

Many Chicago City Council members say never again.

Under fire by the inspector general for quickly rubber-stamping a deal to privatize parking meters, they passed an ordinance that gives them fifteen days to review future sales of city assets. Aldermen also voted to post information about potential sales online before they come up for a vote. They claim they only had two days to examine the deal in December.

Mayor Richard Daley says otherwise.
Outside City Council chambers, he showed the media a timeline-- indicating the plan had been in the works since June 2007. Daley says aldermen had plenty of time to ask questions and investigate the transaction.

Who's right?

Bye-Bye Bucket Boys?

The Chicago City Council approved an ordinance that aims to turn down the volume on loud street performers.

Alderman Brendan Reilly (42nd) sponsored the measure, after receiving thousands of noise complaints from people who live and work along the Magnificent Mile.

Continue reading "Bye-Bye Bucket Boys?" »

Brother of Suspected Cop Killer Speaks Out

You could already probably guess what Terrance Walker, the brother alleged cop killer Kevin Walker told me outside the Cook County Criminal Courthouse. Kevin Walker is the suspected gang member charged with first degree murder in connection with the killing of Chicago Police officer Alejandro Valadez. Walker is accused of driving the car when shots rang out, hitting Valadez in the head and leg. Terrance Walker says his younger 21-year-old brother is not in a gang. He's says his brother would never be involved in this crime. He also believes his brother had to be intimidated into confessing to the crime, which prosecutors say happened after he was arrested and charged Tuesday. Kevin Walker does have a record, convicted of attempted armed robbery. Do you buy what his brother is selling? Do you think there's any truth to what he is saying? Valadez was only on the force for three years, but received accommodations for his police work. Walker and the shooter are now being held without bond. It's another loss of a great officer say police.

Homemade Laundry Detergent

For even more creative ways to save, head over to www.mummydeals.org
which is where we found this yummy (smelling) recipe, for laundry detergent!

Continue reading "Homemade Laundry Detergent" »

Blues icon Koko Taylor dies at 80

From the Chicago Tribune: Koko Taylor, the Grammy Award-winning "Queen of the Blues," died this afternoon at Northwestern Memorial Hospital of complications from surgery, according to Marc Lipkin of Alligator Records. She was 80.

Continue reading "Blues icon Koko Taylor dies at 80" »

June 4, 2009

Stump Tim & Tonya: Brookfield Zoo

Today's photo comes from Sandy Cosentino of Chicago.

It's a picture outside Australia House at Brookfield Zoo.

Sandy wrote: "As you can see, the large kangaroo statue is a photo station for all kiddies, my granddaughter (shown) included."

If you want to try to stump us, just send your photo to cltvdesk@tribune.com.
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President Obama's Muslim Outreach. Will it Work?

President Obama reached out followers of Islam this morning with a much-anticipated speech in Cairo, Egypt.

The president called for a "new beginning between the United States and Muslims."

He said the cycle of suspicion and stereotypes must end.

Continue reading "President Obama's Muslim Outreach. Will it Work?" »

Girl Talk: It Does a Body Good

A University of Michigan study confirms what we ladies have long known-- dishing with your girlfriends is good for our health.

Researchers say feeling emotionally close to a friend raises progesterone levels. The hormone helps reduce anxiety and stress. When a woman vents, she eventually gets it out of her system and feels better. A girlfriend knows to just sit there and listen. When you're venting to a GUY, he wants to just cut through all of our babbling and fix the problem. This is why we girls can yak on the phone for hours. This is why we go to the bathroom together-- GIRL TALK!

It's kind of like our obsession with shoes and purses.

Domestic Violence: Is It Your Problem Too?

Two children were left without a mother today after her beating death inside her northwest suburban Hanover Park home.

31-year old Norma Favela died early Thursday from the trauma of her injuries- she was also seven months pregnant.

Police arrested the suspect in Melrose Park, and neighbors say that suspect is Favela's boyfriend.

Continue reading "Domestic Violence: Is It Your Problem Too? " »

June 5, 2009

Stump Tim & Tonya: Adler Planetarium

Today's picture comes from Ken James of Tinley Park.

This is the Nicolaus Copernicus at the Adler Planetarium on the Museum Campus.
He's known for proposing a heliocentric (sun-centered) model for the solar system, in which the Sun is stationary at the center, and Earth and the other planets orbit around it. Before Copernican theory was accepted, astronomers believed that Earth was stationary at the center of the solar system, and the Sun and planets revolved around it.

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Who Will be Hurt by Budget Cuts?

State lawmakeres need to come to up with a new state budget, or thousands of low-income kids could lose their child care services.

That was the message Governor Quinn delivered today at the Erie Neighborhood House on the city's west side.

Continue reading "Who Will be Hurt by Budget Cuts?" »

Go on! Adopt that Really-Cute-Once-Abused Doggie in the Window!

40 abuse connected dogs -just in from Tennessee- are now in residence at Chicago's Anti-Cruelty Society, a no-kill pet shelter. Check out the short video story posted here.

Officials at the Anti-Cruelty Society tell me there's is a 7-Million dollar annual operation, heavily dependent on donated funding. They place thousands upon thousands of dogs and also cats (June is Adopt-a-Cat month) into adoptive homes each year. For more go to

Domestic Violence: Your Problem Too? Part 2

Yesterday I blogged about the tragic case of 32 year-old Norma Favela, beaten to death inside her northwest suburban Hanover Park home by her boyfriend, 31 year-old Rafael Alvarado.

Alvarado has been charged with first-degree murder and intentional homicide of an unborn child. Favela was eight months pregnant. We've learned his weapon was a hammer, and his motive: suspicion of infidelity.

Continue reading "Domestic Violence: Your Problem Too? Part 2" »

June 7, 2009

Girl Fight Video

Who's behind that camera?
Sauk Village police want to know.

They accuse two 17-year-old girls of attacking another teen girl in a public park last Tuesday. A third person recorded it on a camera phone. Police say the two attackers punched the victm, cut her hair with scissors, burned her scalp with a cigarette lighter.

What's wrong with some people? These girls weren't fighting over a boy. Apparently, they were arguing over use of a car. What possesses a person to go on a rampage like that-- over a CAR?

Look for the story at http://www.cltv.com/

Fighting Gangs: Should Chicago Look West for Answers?

Last Monday, police say two known gang members drove to West Englewood looking for revenge for an earlier shooting. They opened fire on an entire block. Chicago Police Officer Alejandro Valadez, 27, was shot twice. He died hours later at a hospital.

As Chicago struggles to fight its gang problem, Los Angeles is seeing progress in its fight against gangs.

Last month, the Los Angeles Police Department started rolling out a court-issued injunction targeting six gangs in South Central. The injunction makes it a crime for gang-members to hang out together in public areas, including parks and street corners. As a result, gang-related arrests have skyrocketed and police say crime is on the decline.

Continue reading "Fighting Gangs: Should Chicago Look West for Answers?" »

Solutions to the Budget Crisis?

Governor Pat Quinn is asking the state legislature to increase the Illinois income tax rate by more than 50%, but his foes in Springfield say "no way."

I had a chat with Republican Sen. Kirk Dillard this evening, who is mulling a run for governor himself.

He says Illinois' budget problems can be solved by calling in AFSCME, the union which represents state workers. Dillard says they're getting a 15% raise in the midst of the biggest recession most of us have ever lived through.

"Who else is getting a 15 % raise in these economic times but state workers?" Dillard asks.

He wants Gov. Quinn to reopen AFSCME contracts, and perhaps unleash funds to this debt-mired mess.

"Let's set down and be realistic," Dillard says. "These workers should not want their brethren laid off or their jobs eliminated, perhaps they ought to renegotiate their contract. So there's a lot of options out there other than doomsday scenarios."

Gov Quinn says if the legislature fails to pass his version of the budget by the June 30th deadline, the state's education, mental health servies, and assistance for the poor and unemployed will all suffer.

Do you think Sen. Dillard's idea is viable?
Do you think Gov. Quinn is using scare tactics?

CLTV SPORTS :60: Kobe's No M.J.


Let me be the first to say congratulations to Coach Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers on winning the 2009 NBA Championship.

I know the Finals are not over yet, but it's just a matter of time before it's all said and done. The Lakers will win the title. They lead the best of seven series 2-0. They are simply better. Better coaches, players, and organization.

Kobe will finally collect his fourth NBA title which will be his first without Shaquille O'Neal. So the question comes to mind, is Jackson the reason #24 will win number four and is he the reason Michael Jordan won six?

Can Phil win without a superstar? Shaq won under Pat Riley in Miami along with Dwayne Wade, yet the Zen Master couldn't win after Jordan left the game for two seasons.

Did Phil make Michael or Michael make Phil?

I think Jordan would have won a title with any team in the NBA because of his drive and determination. Phil probably would have won one maybe two because of his success in the CBA, but I don't think Kobe would even have one without the master of the triangle offense.

So Kobe when you hoist up the Larry O'Brien trophy after clinching the title this season please remember to thank Coach Phil and his staff, your teammates and the organization, and last but not least the best of all time. The one who truly made you.

Continue reading "CLTV SPORTS :60: Kobe's No M.J." »

June 8, 2009

Stump Tim & Tonya: Gold Star Families Memorial & Park

Today's photo is from Mark Zonca.

It's of the "Gold Star Families Memorial and Park" near Solider Field.

According to the website Public Art in Chicago:

The Gold Star Families Memorial and Park is located along Lake Michigan on the east side of Soldier Field. It is nearly five acres extending from McFetridge Drive on the North to Waldron Drive on the South. The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation ensured that the design of the park would be as exceptional as the men and women it honors. Both the North and South entrances to the park include identical features. Each entrance is showcased by two large rectangular panes, which have a rising checkerboard pattern. These panels are turned on their axis so as to symbolize doors swung open. Upon passing through there doors, visitors have a real sensation of leaving the hustle and buslte of the city behind, as they are welcomed into the "Finest Law Enforcement Memorial in the Nation." Just prior to entering the Sacrifice Space from the North visitors come upon the "Living Sacrifice" space. This is an area dedicated to Officers who have been castrophically injured while protecting the city and it's citizens. This space honors these brave men and women and their families who by the way they deal with tremendous adversity continue to inspire us each and every day.

If you want to try to stump us, just send your photo to cltvdesk@tribune.com.
You PLEASE put "Stump Tim & Tonya" in the subject line. Make sure to include your name, where you're from and as much information as possible about the photo. Then watch CLTV to see if we use your photo.

Chicago Alderman Carothers Pleads 'Not Guilty' -- Maybe?!

You either are or you aren't right? Guilty, that is. Right?

Well, it appears Chicago Alderman Isaac "Ike" Carothers (29th Ward) isn't guilty of federal corruption charges - based on the 'not guilty' plea he entered in federal court today. But there's also a chance, according to his attorney that he might switch it up to 'guilty,' once they can evaluate the evidence the feds have against his client.

Kinda like ..only having to own up to murder... if there's a body found?

Oh yeah, also got some of *that* potentially goin' on in Chicagoland, don't we?


For More:

What's in the Water at Chicago's City Hall?

Just what is in the water being served up in Chicago City Council chambers?

For decades now, the place has been a magnetic pull for the ethically challenged.

This morning, 29th Ward Alderman Ike Carothers pleaded not guilty to federal corruption charges that include bribery and fraud.

Continue reading "What's in the Water at Chicago's City Hall?" »

Crestwood Water: FAQS

The following frequently asked questions (and answers) have been provided by the Illinois EPA.

Q: What additional exposure did residents get by breathing the vapors of water that could have been contaminated with vinyl chloride?

A: Drinking the water is the most important pathway for vinyl chloride to pose risks to exposed residents. Exposure via the skin while showering or bathing would be insignificant since the gas, vinyl chloride, would evaporate very quickly from hot water.

Q: What if residents drank, bathed and showered in the blended well water/ Lake Michigan water and cooked with it for the 10+ years before the appearance of the vinyl chloride, during which time the water was contaminated with other drycleaner solvent breakdown products? What risk does exposrue to these solvents from 1985-2007 add to the vinyl chloride exposure risk?

A: The IL EPA has no information that any of the drycleaner breakdown products, other than vinyl chloride, were ever in the Crestwood PWS well at concentrations greater than their respective MCL. MCLs are considered by the U.S. EPA to be the maximum level of a contaminant at which no known or anticipated adverse human health effect would occur, and which allows an adequate margin of safety. Thus, the IL EPA believes that throughout this time period, the exposures to chemicals other than vinyl chloride did not add to anyone's health risk.

Q: What if residents used this contaminated water for gardening?

A: Vinyl chloride is a stable and persistent chemical when it is found deep in groundwater where there is no oxygen to help bacteria break it down into harmless molecules. When vinyl chloride is exposed to sunlight, air and soil bacteria in the garden, it rapidly breaks down and it is not absorbed by the plants. Rapid degradation also occurs with the other volatile organic chemicals that the IL EPA suspects were present at low levels during the 20-year period. Gardeners who watered their gardens with Crestwood PWS well water from 1985-2007 and ate their produce are not at risk from the vinyl chloride in the Crestwood water.

Q: Are there any other areas served by the Crestwood PWS whose residents may not realize that water was being sold to their township or municipality by Crestwood?

A: A part of unincorporated Palos Heights is part of Crestwood's PWS distribution system. Crestwood village officials report that the only unincorporated area receiving Crestwood PWS water is the area bounded by 127th Street on the north to 131st Street on south and by Monitor Avenue on the east to Austin Avenue on the west; a total of 93 homes in this area are served by Crestwood PWS water.

CLTV SPORTS :60: Ouch Ozzie


They have now dropped six of their last seven games. They were batting .189 at home in their last seven games going into a double dip against the division leading Detroit Tigers at the Cell.
Following their 5-4 loss to Jim Leyland’s squad in the opener this afternoon, manager Ozzie Guillen post game tirade consisted of numerous expletives to describe his struggling ballclub.
The frustration is starting to show. They have lost 6 of 8 on this home stand.
The bright spot is the Sox were able to collect 9 hits in the first game, but what hurt them were the 3 errors committed in the game more notably by Josh Fields in the ninth inning that led to the winning run for the Tigers.
How does GM Kenny Williams turn this club around? Can he turn it around? Is it still too early for Williams to start making moves or should he wait until the 1st of July?
Many are expecting Ozzie to go off. Calling his players performance “horse-s@#t” is one indication that it’s just a matter of time before the fiery skip really blows his gasket.
The Wizard of Oz is beside himself. The Sox need to grab a win in the nightcap of the double header clash against the team they’re chasing in the division.
Jermaine Dye and Paul Konerko both contributed to the offense, but more of the younger guys must step-up in-order to right t his ship.
More to come after the Game 2 showdown. Let’s hope the Sox can bounce back and spare us another Ozzie tirade filled with expletives such as “horse-s@#t”. Let’s go Sox!

Artifacts Found in Berwyn Home Worth Millions

The FBI is revealing new details about more than 3,500 ancient artifacts found in a Berwyn home, two years ago.

The items include manuscripts handwritten by Roman emperors, figurines dating back to 4th century B.C., hundreds of rare books, a document signed by Mussolini, and a 1662 doctorate's degree from the University of Naples. The artifacts are valued at up to $10 million.

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Want To Make $100,000 Per Year?

Three days a week, I talk with WGN Radio's Garry Meier about what's going on around Chicagoland.

Today, we were talking about the State of Illinois' multi-billion dollar budget deficit. Some estimates put it at $11.5 Billion.

That's $11,500,000,000.00.

A lot of zeros. A LOT of zeros.

Governor Pat Quinn was at the Chicago Food Depository Monday, trying his best to drum up support for a income tax increase.

Garry and I were talking about that. A tax increase in the middle of a horrible recession. Not what many people like to hear.

I said to Garry, in regards to employees of the State of Illinois, that "they make $90,000...$100,000 a year."

I missed a word in that sentence. I meant to say "some" make that much.

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June 9, 2009

Ike's Woes

Indicted 29th ward Alderman Issac "Ike" Carothers held his head up high and kept his mouth shut today as he entered a plea of not guilty to charges he greased the skids for a development in his ward.

Namely the feds accuse Carothers of receiving more than $40,000 in home improvements and other benefits in exchange for helping a developer get a lucrative zoning change ultimately worth millions.

But Ike's got something going for him.

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Stump Tim & Tonya: Bahá'í House of Worship

Today's picture comes from Bhavna Goswami.

According to Bhavna:

The cornerstone for the Bahá'í House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois was brought to the site by Nettie Tobin and accepted in 1912 by `Abdu'l-Bahá during his only visit to the United States and Canada. Construction began in 1921 was completed in 1953, with a delay of several years during the Great Depression and World War II. The Wilmette House of Worship is the largest and the oldest surviving Bahá'í House of Worship. Known by Baha'is as the "Mother Temple of the West" and formally as the "Bahá'í House of Worship for the North American Continent", it stands in north suburban Cook County, on the shores of Lake Michigan, at 42°04′27.88″N 87°41′05.89″W / 42.0744111°N 87.6849694°W / 42.0744111; -87.6849694. The cladding is made out of white portland cement concrete with both clear and white quartz aggregate. It has received numerous design awards, and it is a prominent Chicago-area landmark. In 1978, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

If you want to try to stump us, just send your photo to cltvdesk@tribune.com.
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CLTV SPORTS :60: Can Buehrle Make It 2 For Ozzie



They hit, they pitch, they win.
That's the formula White Sox fans are hoping their struggling ballclub will continue to use to turn around this dismal homestand.
Starting pitcher Jose Contreras led the White Sox and Ozzie Guillen to a 6-1 victory over the Detroit Tigers to split a day-night doubleheader at the Cell yesterday. It would be Contreas first win of the season. Talk about timing.
Can Mark Buehrle keep the wins coming with a victory tonight?


Based on his past performances the lefty should be able to accommodate his teammates and hopefully get back to the winning ways.
Having dropped seven of their last eight, Contreras pitched a gem to stop the bleeding, and the guys responded with their bats by hammering out 10 hits on the night.

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Video of the Day: Zack Morris returns!

Zack Morris aka Mark Paul Gosselaar showed up on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night to discuss his memories of The Max and a possible Saved by the Bell reunion.

Local Chrysler Dealers Lose Franchise Agreements

A bankruptcy judge has ruled Chrysler can move forward with plans to terminate franchise agreements with 789 dealers across the country.

Those dealers have to closeout their new Chrysler inventory by Tuesday night.

One of the local dealers on the hit list is Balzekas Chrysler in Brighton Park. The dealership has been a family business for 90 years. Stanley Balzekas says it is a devastating blow, but he is not going to give up on his business, yet.

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A Sad Day For Some Chrysler Dealerships

Stanley Balzekas Jr. and his daughter Carol spent most of their morning talking to reporters, looking through old car ads and shedding a tear or two.

After almost a century of selling Chrysler vehicles on Chicago’s Southwest Side, after today Balzekas Chrysler will no longer be a Chrysler franchise.

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Should Chicago Shell Out Money to Open Lakefront?

Right now there are four miles of lakefront that is unavailable to the public. Fences, barbed wire and private property are shutting the public out on certain stretches of shoreline. Friends of the Parks has a plan to connect the entire shoreline, all 30 miles, something it says no other city in the world could claim. The cost would be $350 -$450 million. The plan would open up 2 miles of lakefront from 71st to 95th on the south side and Hollywood Avenue to the Chicago/Evanston border on the north. The group needs to city to pay for this project. It says it could be phased in over time, some of it happening as soon as a year. Other sections could take a decade. Is it worth it to shell out all this money? Should the entire shoreline be public? The Chicago Park District controls most of the land and says it does want this to happen. But it doesn't back this plan or any other plan at this time. It's a dream that looks like it's staying a dream for now.

June 10, 2009

Shot, Paralyzed... Now WALKING at his KINDERGARTEN Graduation

Sometimes the news is just so bitter.. sweet.
Bitter that a child had to endure this.
Sweet that a child could so triumphantly survive it.

Kudos to my WGN colleague Marcella Raymond for her telling of the story.

Lake Delton is Back!

Lake Delton is reborn! The man-made lake has officially re-opened, one year after it was literally washed away. My photographer Anthony Edmonson (seen in the picture below) and I took the 3 hour trip north to report on the impact the draining of the lake would have on the Wisconsin Dells and businesses dependent upon it, like the Tommy Bartlett Show and marinas.

It was a sight to behold. These are some pictures I took while we were there, just days after it drained.

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Stump Tim & Tonya: Model of Chicago

Today's picture comes from Darius Hampton.

It's a model of the city of Chicago in the lobby of the Chicago Architecture Foundation.

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World's Most Expensive Mattress!

So.. Hear the one about the Israeli woman who surprised her mom with a brand new Thousand Dollar Mattress?

Here's the Punch Line:

In the end, it really cost -- one-MILLION-one-thousand dollars!

Seems the *old mattress the daughter threw out, was stuffed with the mom's life savings. Yup. A Cool Million!

They've since been searching garbage dumps for the pricey bedding, but as of this writing -- No Luck.

If YOU found the Big-Monied Mattress? In these tough economic times...
Would You Give it Back? ...and Why... or Why Not?

U of I responds to Quinn

The University of Illinois responded to Gov. Quinn's announcement of the formation of the Admissions Review Commission.

The President of U of I began the statement:

Today, Governor Pat Quinn announced the formation of an Admissions Review Commission, an independent, fact-finding group that the governor has named to investigate claims of special treatment for some applicants to the University of Illinois.

On behalf of our University community, I thank the Governor for this initiative and express our appreciation to retired federal Judge Abner Mikva, who will chair the Commission, and all those who have agreed to serve.

Read the full statement here.

For more on the investigation, follow the story on to the Breaking New Center.

Governor Names U of I Admissions Commission

Governor Quinn appointed a seven-member panel to investigate the so-called clout list for applicants at the University of Illinois. Students with lower test scores and class rankings were apparently being admitted into the school and put into what is now known as "Category One." Individuals with powerful jobs were calling the school and sending emails on behalf of those students. Quinn says the panel will come up with recommendations, investigate the standards and criteria used for admissions, and look at cases of special treatment. Do you think the panel will root out wrong doing at the school? Is this just business as usual? Do you care because you believe it's okay? It happens everyday at every school and every job. It's not what you know a lot of the times, it's who you know. To read more of U of I's statement, check out the blog post titled "U of I Responds to Quinn."

Here are the members: Chair Abner Mikva - Retired Federal Judge
Ricardo Estrada - Erie Neighborhood House
Bernard Judge - Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
Doris C. Lowry - Aspen Pine Group, Inc.
Charles C. Scholz - Quincy Attorney
Zaldwaynaka "Z" Scott - Mayer Brown, LLC
Maribeth Vander Weele - Former Inspector General CPS

Puppy Stolen From Dog Beach

Rebecca Blabolil is offering 25-hundred dollars for the return of her beloved "Che".
No questions asked.
Blabolil and her six-month-old pug-sharpei mix were at Montrose Dog Beach Friday afternoon. She talked to a friend for a few minutes and when she turned to look for "Che", he was gone. Blabolil suspects the dognapper was a man who had struck up a conversation with her earlier and asked a lot of questions about "Che". He was at the dog beach without a dog.

"Che" is brown and white. He weighs 30 pounds and has a surgical scar on his belly.
If you've seen him, call 773-415-9813.

CLTV SPORTS :60: It's the American (U of I) Way


By Jerry Riles
What's all this noise about students getting into the University of Illinois because of who they know as opposed to what they know? Isn't that the American way? Isn't that what we've been taught and what we're expected to teach the next generation?


This is nothing when you compare college athletics and the NCAA. Many athletes are accepted to schools and programs BECAUSE they know someone or has connections. Quite frankly, some of them might be the students being mentioned who eeked out another student despite not meeting all of the requirements and qualifications. They might be the ones Gov. Pat Quinn is talking about. The ones who beat out say someone from Stevenson High School in Buffalo Grove because they were an athlete and had connections.
To me that's the bigger issue and problem. Universities across the country are exploiting these athletes making millions of dollars off of them. Why is that okay and acceptable? Whatever happened to sports being an extracurricular activity? Chancellors, presidents and athletic directors understand the importance of athletics and what it means to the universities and programs. Sports on major college campuses has grown to multi-million dollar status. In some cases billions of dollars.

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Hatred Lives On

It's another example of the disgusting hatred that continues to thrive in America.

A man walks into the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, armed with a rifle. He opens fire in the busy tourist attraction, killing a security guard.

The gunman is James von Brunn. He is 88 years old and a known white supremacist and anti-semite. Von Brunn was shot by police during the incident. He remains hospitalized in critical condition.

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CLTV SPORTS :60: Are You Kidding Me!!!!


As one of the producers on "Garrard McClendon Live" I could not help but respond to this blog posted by the host of the show, Garrard. I truly believe students graduating from high school and looking to further their education should be able to apply to the school of their choice if they meet all the criteria. But realistically, if you can gain advantage over another student when it comes to getting accepted to that particular university, in most cases the student and parents will do so. I don't really have a problem with it. The University of Illinois accepts nearly 85 percent of the state's students who apply for enrollment. My son currently attends The Ohio State University just completing his sophomore year. State was his selection. U of I was on his short list. As a parent, I was in a position to actually talk with a few individuals who would have assisted us in supporting his education financially if my son had decided to attend the U of I. Academically he qualified, but had he been boarder line, his mom and I would've had a way to get him enrolled. (Mom is a U of I alum). As in many cases in our society and in the world it's not "what you know, but who you know." If Johnny gets into the university because his dad golfs with Ron Guenther, the schools AD, kudos to the kid and his family. That's just how it is. No system is 100 percent perfect. I believe the best should get selected, but college is a life experience not just a classroom experience. Diversity is always needed no matter if you're rich, poor, black or white. If it comes down to a Stevenson grad and a Simeon grad, if the inner-city student knows a state rep or senator, why not use the trump card? And remember, nearly 85 percent of the state's graduating seniors who apply to the school are getting in anyway. We're talking less than possbily 2-3 percent who aren't. Time for some parents to simply start searching for a new golfing buddy if you ask me.

June 11, 2009

Obama Insult

Some Israeli newscasters are crying foul over this photo of President Barack Obama. It was taken Monday in the Oval Office as he spoke on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli journalists say the image is insulting. Why?

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Car Hits Train, Driver Walks Away With No Injuries

It was an unbelievable site on the Eisenhower Expressway this morning.
A mangled Dodge Charger sat sandwiched underneath a Blue Line L train.

State Police say Jose Rivera's car somehow left the roadway near Central Avenue, jumped a concrete barrier wall and landed right on the Blue Line tracks, where it was eventually struck by a train.


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Cop Sentenced for Beating Man in Wheelchair

Chicago police officer William Cozzi will spend about 3-and-a-half years in prison for beating a man shackled to a wheelchair. The incident was captured on videotape.

The beating happened at Norwegian American Hospital in August of 2005. The man in the wheelchair, Randy Miles, was apparently being loud and verbally abusive while awaiting treatment. Cozzi handcuffed Miles and shackled his legs to the wheelchair, then hit him repeatedly with a sap.

Cozzi's lawyers had argued their client has lived a law-abiding life. Police officers are held to a higher standard. Is 3-and-a-half years an adequate punishment or not enough?

Video of the day: Million dollar Mattress

From the Daily Mail:

An Israeli woman threw out an old mattress - not realising it was stuffed with her mother's $1million life-savings.

The culprit, identified only as Anat, had bought the new bedding as surprise for her elderly relative.

But when her mother found out about her gift she 'almost fainted' before revealing the contents of the mattress.

Over the years, she had crammed it full with Israeli shekels and American dollars. Her stash amounted to $1m.

Read more

Kanye West Doesn't Always Act Like a Jerk

Chicago native and Grammy award winning hip-hop artist Kanye West was back home Thursday. A number of us Chicago media types (won't name names) on hand for a pre-show press conference expected the jerk we'd, in the past, seen 'go off' on the press, at award ceremonies, etc.

Not this day. "Seems like a nice guy," we said amongst ourselves, after the fact. Of course he was in town representing the charity foundation he and his beloved, deceased mother (Chicago educator Donda West) collaborated on.

Under that umbrella, West gave a **free noon-time concert at the Chicago Theatre. Some 'three thousand' Chicago public school students from six city schools attended. Though the kids who got to go, had to *earn their way with good attendance and grades.

Interestingly, though this concert effort was all about staying in school -- Kanye West isn't a 100-percent proponent of higher education. At his press conference he said that he felt high school is a necessity, but then added, "Anything you have to pay for (i.e. college) is your choice." He advised that if a young person could get a job (get their foot in the door) in their chosen industry and start making money in these recessionary times -- they should do so.

He did underline though, that his leaving college early was a struggle between he and his mother. Obviously, the teacher mom wanted her son to get a degree. And Kanye did attend college until he got real record label interest. Says he majored in English and specifically took a 'Speech' class because he says, "I thought I was gonna have to give speeches after my music came out." It drew a definite laugh from all us media folks.

Gangster Disciple Derrick?


Here's a rookie mistake by NBA Rookie of the Year Derrick Rose.

He's not very love-a-bull in this photo.

Rose says he flashed the "pitchforks" sign of the Gangster Disciples Nation while attending a party as a student-athlete at the University of Memphis- but in a statement he issued today, Rose says he meant the picture "as a joke... a bad one, I now must admit."

The Bulls guard goes on:

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June 12, 2009

What Would You Do to Save Your Job?

Today could turn out to be pink slip Friday for more than 1,000 city workers.

Barring a last-minute deal with labor unions, Mayor Daley says the layoff notices will go out to workers in every city department.

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CLTV SPORTS :60: Derrick "The Kid" Rose


He's the NBA Rookie of the Year and a first round draft pick of the Chicago Bulls. He's not Al Capone, Joey "The Clown" Lombardo, and his name isn't Knuckles.
Derrick Rose is a product of the South Side and the Englewood area. He is the one that made it out of the hood. He is making something of himself in a big way. Get off the kid's case. And I say kid because he isn't even 21 years of age yet.


Okay, he was seen in a picture, during a party, flashing gang signs. Believe me I am not condoning this type of behavior, but for those of you who may not know, D-Rose comes from another type of hood than many of you I suppose.
In the hood, kids, teens, and even adults act and behave a certain way compared to someone growing up on the North side of the city or some of the surrounding suburbs. Jeans pulled down to your butt, gym shoes or Timberland boots, baseball caps cocked to the side, and bling is a part of the hood culture. People wear their hats to the side and aren't even affiliated with any gang. It's the style in the hood. Oh sure, some of them among their friends will playfully flash the signs and yell GD (Gangster Disciple), but in all actuality they will be the first ones to steer away from the real gangbangers.
Would it have been more acceptable if Rose was flipping someone the bird in that picture as opposed to flashing the gang signs? I wonder. It worked for Coach Mike Ditka.

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Obama Still Smoking?


White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has refused to say if President Barack Obama has indeed actually kicked his habit of smoking- but he did say if he were to comment on the matter himself, Obama would respond: "struggling with a nicotine addiction is something that happens every day."

Obama was quite the smoker in Springfield during his days as a little-known state senator, but under the glare of a national campaign, he resolved to quit and began chewing nicotine gum to help in his efforts.

In December, Obama told NBC's Tom Brokaw that he would not be violating the White House's no-smoking policy, but that there were indeed times that he's "fallen off the wagon."

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Pink Slips Fly at City Hall

In a high stakes game of chicken city hall style, Mayor Richard Daley won the first round.

Today more than 1500 layoff notices went out to Chicago union workers.

Daley says that's because unions wouldn't come to the table and accept unpaid furlough days.

But organized labor says there's more to it ... namely that Daley wouldn't give them a guarantee that there would be no layoffs if workers made the requested concessions.

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June 13, 2009

Tobacco Regulation: FDA Up For The Job?

For the first time, the FDA could have the power to regulate the production and marketing of tobacco products which kill more than 400-thousand Americans each year.
President Obama indicates he's willing to sign.
Is the FDA up to the task?

If the bill becomes law, the agency will set up a new tobacco regulatory office. Funding for this office will come from fees charged to the tobacco industry. Some wonder if the FDA can handle more with regulating food and medicines already on its plate? SHOULD the FDA be doing this? We don't expect it to regulate cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and other junk food which also lead to diseases that can kill us.

Any thoughts?

Chicago Cares Volunteers Clean Up Schools

More than eight-thousand volunteers hit Chicago Public schools on Saturday morning, cleaning up everything in site. It was considered the largest day of service in the city. They went to 39 different schools, painting, building benches, and beautifying every building. All in all, they cleaned up 487 classrooms, 27 hallways, and 14 stairwells. They believe a better looking school, means pride in your school, which bolsters student achievement and performance. Do you agree? Do you think a better looking school will make your child a better student? CPS CEO Ron Huberman said it would cost millions of dollars if the district paid staffers for this work. In rough times, there's nothing like helping out, especially when it benefits kids. Even if it doesn't make your child a better student, at least they will have a much nicer building to call home for nine months. We should all applaud these volunteers for getting up early and going to work. Most of us were still in bed.

CLTV SPORTS :60: Mike North Scammed!



I was a little surprised, but not shocked to hear Saturday morning that Mike and BeBe North were fired by Dave Hernandez the financial backer of the start-up internet radio sports outlet Chicago Webio or whatever it's been called over the past few months.
Hernandez allegedly did not pay any of his bills.
North, in a SunTimes piece, indicated that as many as 30 checks from Hernandez's company bounced last week. That may be true.
But a Crain's Chicago Business blog earlier this week quoted Hernandez as talking about expansion into broadcast radio and insisting the Web site already was making money.
"I know what my overhead expenses vs. revenues are," Hernandez told Crain's. "We're absolutely in a profit."
The question is, how did Mike and Bebe get scammed by someone who allegedly was under investigation by the FBI in the past? How did the Norths get duped? Keep in mind, this duo teammed up to convince "The Score" Sports Radio 670AM and CBS to sign them to a 5 year $1.5 million dollar per year deal a few years ago. How could the Norths miss this alleged con? I'm not sure.
Maybe it was greed, maybe it was the gambling edge of competition, I don't know, but whatever the case the Norths got hit.
Mike is classic in putting a spin on any and everything that comes his way. That's how he has survived all these years. The problem is, Mike has always believed that he was bigger than the business in my opinion.
The unfortunate thing is North not only damaged his reputation, but that of the dedicated and talented individuals that left their former employers to follow him to Webio.
Don't get me wrong, internet radio is a great concept, but everybody and their mothers believe they can start-up a station on the web as well. A buddy of mine started up Fearless Radio years ago.
Many in the industry and the market believe this is exactly what the Norths deserve. They finally get a taste of their own medicine. The medicine that they have dished out for all of these years.
Mike has made great money over the years he spent with the Score. But if he's so wise and clever, one must ask the question, how did this happen to the Norths?
I'm not too concerned with the longtime couple. My concern is with the producers, talent, and camera people who gambled their careers on what I call the greed of the Norths. Some executives in the market called it "broadcast suicide". That's pretty strong in my opinion, but appears to be true.
Let's hope their families aren't as surprised as I was when they received the news on Saturday morning. Oh, I'm sorry, the shock probably already hit them when they didn't get those checks!
I guess it's simply called "Settling The Score". Go get 'em Mike!!!!

Blagojevich the Bizarre at Second City

During the improv session which followed Saturday night's performance of "Rod Blagojevich Superstar," Blagojevich himself told spectators what he really thought of the show.

"Thought it was all bull@#$%!" the ex-governor quipped.

He then proceeded to ask Second City comics how they spell "Blagojevich."

"B-L-A-G-O-J-E-V-I-C-H," one spelled.

"That's what I learned in law school!" Blagojevich laughed. He's often poked fun of his days as a "C student at a B law school," which in his case was Pepperdine.

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June 14, 2009

Chicago Iranian Community Look to Protest

Chicago's Iranian community is planning a protest for later this week in downtown. They are upset about the controversial elections in Iran between incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his rival Hossein Mousavi. Many in the country believe their vote was switched, not counted after Ahmadinejad claimed victory by a huge margin. Mousavi, who was gaining support by the millions, believes there was fraud and is appealing the otucome. The Iran House of Greater Chicago says it doesn't necessarily care about the outcome, but just wants to make sure everyone's vote was properly accounted for Friday. Many believe a change at power could mean a change in foreign policy, helping ease tension in the Middle East for the United States. Are you paying attention to this election? Are you aware of what these so-called attacks on democracy mean for us? Just because it's nowhere near where you live, doesn't mean it won't have consequences back home. If democracy is truly threatened, it's a fight everyone should be behind.

Trash Collector Honored for Saving Flags

In honor of Flag Day, several groups are honoring a local trash collector. He is on a mission to save discarded American flags.

American Legion Post 57 and Elks Lodge 737 recognized Waste Management driver, Jeff Olson, in Elgin. Since last year, Olson has pulled more than 250 American flags from dumpsters.

Throwing the flag in the garbage is considered disrespectful.

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The President and Physicians

Here's a sampling of what doctors attending this year's AMA meeting at the Hyatt Regency are saying in advance of President Obama's address:

"Our concern is that our patients have access to care, to affordable cancer care. The number of bankruptcies in this country that medical patients face are astounding. I don't know that people are aware of it."
-Dr. Len Lichtenfeld, Oncologist, GA

"This didn't happen in 1992, and he's here to talk to us. What he says I think is just opening up a dialog."
-Dr. Larry Jones, Urological Surgeon, FL

"I want to hear him say 'we will not pursue a public plan option that's strictly based on Medicare reimbursement.'"
-Dr. Jerome Adams, Anesthesiologist, IN

"We want to cover the uninsured."
-Dr. Patrice Harris, Psychiatrist, GA

"A whole bunch of physicians are practicing defensive medicine. We need to decrease the amount of defensive medicine practiced, which means tests are done simply because the patients are asking for them and to avoid the possibility of a lawyer in the future asking 'why did you not do that test?'"
-Dr. Richard Pieters, Radiation Oncologist, MA

"I would like to hear what he's going to do about the medical students coming out of medical school with more debt than what it costs to buy a house in California."
-Dr. Patricia Austin, Opthamologist, CA

June 15, 2009

Stump Tim & Tonya: Cougar Statue

Today's picture comes from Jan Gerding.

Jan says this is a cougar statue atop the Goudy Elementary School on the North side near Broadway and Foster. It represents the Goudy Cougars. Artist John Kearney created it. He also did the Wizard of Oz statues in Oz Park.

If you want to try to stump us, just send your photo to cltvdesk@tribune.com.
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CLTV SPORT :60: Cubs In Early Panic Mode?



The firing of hitting coach Gerald Perry over the weekend by the Cubs show signs of panic by the Northsiders in my opinion.

The Cubs are only 2 and a half games out of first place in the National League Central division race. They just ended a four game losing skid and now return home for a six-game homestand.

I think the move was a little premature. I certainly understand the team has not hit the ball well of late, but to make a move like this appears to be somewhat of a knee jerk reaction.

This is the same coach that help lead the team to back-to-back division titles. He helped them to a 97 game win season last year, and the Cubs led the league in runs scored and walks in 2008 while compiling a team batting average of .278. The first time they did that in 71 years. So why give up on a coach with a proven record?

In 2007 the White Sox were one of the worst teams in the majors after winning a World Series title two years prior. Their hitting was atrocious, yet Ozzie Guillen and Kenny Williams stuck by their guns and kept hitting coach Greg Walker on the staff despite all the negative heat they were getting because of a struggling offense. They were division champs the next season.

I certainly understand their need to shake things up on the North side, but firing Perry may not have been the answer at this time. The Cubs are playing .500 ball heading into their three game set against the White Sox starting on Tuesday at Wrigley Field.

They have been without injured third baseman Aramis Ramirez which is a big reason they have not been scoring runs. Prior to his 13-game hitting streak, Derrick Lee was a question mark. And lead-off man Alfonzo Soriano simply should not be in that slot. It should be Ryan Theriot. Kosuke Fukudome continues to struggle. Milton Bradley has been a big disappointment thus far. At some point the players need to take responsibility for their actions (or lack of).


Manager Lou Piniella needs to make some lineup changes to rattle this club. I know Soriano does not want to bat lower than lead-off, but if you're only batting .229 with 66 strikeouts, a player must be benched or moved to a lower spot in the order.

Von Joshua is a great replacement for the Cubs. He spent three seasons with the Sox. He also has worked with the younger guys on the team including Theriot, Geovany Soto, and Micah Hoffpauir. Hopefully, this will get the bats going.

Let's just hope GM Jim Hendry and Piniella are done hitting the panic button. I would hate to see the panic move by the brass in mid August if the club is just a game and a half out of first. Hopefully, the panic is over. But again, we are talking about the Cubs.

Baby Faris Gets His New Heart!

What an early first birthday gift!


The little northwest suburban Hanover Park boy had his life-saving operation late last week. He finally got a new heart - without which - he wasn't expected to survive.

A donor heart became available late Thursday and nearly 11 month old Faris Samara (he was born July 14, 2008) was rushed into surgery soon after. He came through with flying colors.

His mother, Siham, who's been at his hospital bedside daily, for months says, "So far, I guess you could say a miracle has occurred."

Check out our Baby Faris story from March:

Again, Baby Faris now has a new heart and hospital officials at Children's Memorial say he's doing great!

Crackdown On Potent Marijuana

Congressman Mark Kirk wants to put stricter penalties on selling a certain type of potent marijuana known as "Kush". It is apparently five times stronger than the marijuana that was being sold back in the 1990's. Kirk wants send drug dealers to jail for up to 25 years for selling this drug that has a THC content of 15%. This proposed law would apply to any marijuana with a THC content matching that or higher. THC is the active ingredient in the drug that gets people high. Is this too harsh? Will this tie up jails with non-violent criminals? Police say drug growers are becoming better at making powerful, genetically-control marijuana. Do you think marijuana is a big deal? Do you think it should be legalized outright? The current penalties are up to five years in prison for selling amounts under 50 kilograms or growing up to 49 plants. The fines are between $250,000 to $1,000,000. The new proposed fines would be between $1,000,000 and $5,000,000. Some believe the attention should be focused elsewhere. Where do you stand?

Should Pregnant Inmates Remain Schackled During Childbirth?

Former jail inmates, who were handcuffed to hospital beds during childbirth, want to file a class action lawsuit against Cook County. The class action status would allow any woman who has given birth at the jail since December 4, 2006 to join.

Last week, Marilu Morales filed a lawsuit claiming she was shackled to a hospital bed until a doctor demanded her release, just before she gave birth. The lawsuit alleges the shackling policy towards women in labor violates the U.S. Constitution, state law, and international treaties.

Continue reading "Should Pregnant Inmates Remain Schackled During Childbirth?" »

What will the Unions Concede?

Chicago Federation of Labor President Dennis Gannon is predicting painful concessions on the part of the unions to avoid the potential layoffs of more than 1500 city workers July 15th.

He says he hopes to strike a deal with Mayor Daley by the first of July, a deal which may include:

-reduced work-weeks
-reduced schedules
-furlough days
-unpaid holidays
-pay cuts
-delayed prevailing wage increases
-comp time instead of overtime
-increased health care contributions
-reduced sick time accrual

None of it sounds appealing to union members- but what would you be willing to give up to avoid the layoffs?

Obama Pitches Healthcare Reform to Docs

President Barack Obama is taking his push to overhaul the nation's troubled healthcare system on the road.

He was back home in the windy city today, making his pitch to one of the most skeptical audiences, doctors.

Mr. Obama addressed more than 2000 doctors at the AMA's annual conference downtown, telling them reforming healthcare is the single most important thing that can be done to assure the nation's long-term fiscal health.

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June 16, 2009

Stump Tim & Tonya: Giant Ant

Today picture comes from Charles Kimbrough of Crest Hill.

This picture was taken at the Morton Arboretum Tree exhibit in Lisle IL.

It's a daddy long legs that is seventeen feet in diameter and weighs 450 pounds. It's part of the Big Bugs exhibit that was first put up in April 2008.

If you want to try to stump us, just send your photo to cltvdesk@tribune.com.
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Cubs, Sox Rivalry is Good For Chicagoland

Baseball fans are getting ready for the Windy City showdown between the Cubs and the Sox.

They were at Wrigley Field early this morning hoping to purchase standing-room only tickets to tonight’s Crosstown Classic game.


Continue reading "Cubs, Sox Rivalry is Good For Chicagoland" »

CLTV Sports :60: Ozzie On Wrigley



"I puke every time I go there. I'm just being honest," are the words used by White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen on Sunday morning regarding Wrigley Field in anticipation of the Cubs/Sox three-game series scheduled to get underway tonight.

The boisterous skipper went on to say if Cubs fans, reacting to his remarks, wanted to hate him that's perfectly fine. "They don’t feed my kids. If they hate me, that’s cool."


Aside from who made the comment, is it an accurate statement? Is Wrigley Field past it's prime? Many believe that it is, but purest feel it's taboo to mess with tradition.

Visiting teams have every right to feel this way about the Friendly Confines. The clubhouse location is closer to the corner of Sheffield and Addison than it is to the playing field. And the cramp quarters make it almost impossible to move around freely especially when the media comes inside.

Managers have to conduct their interviews inside a tiny office with much of the media standing outside the door listening to the comments. And the walk from the clubhouse to the dugout seems like a mile away. The steep stairwell, the narrow winding hallway with a maze like adventure makes the journey quite interesting for the visiting teams.

Granted the organization has done a tremendous job in renovating the old girl, but how much more plaster, paint, and concrete can you put on an aging structure like Wrigley Field? It's only a matter of time before the old thing starts to crumble and fall to the ground.

As a true Chicagoan, I love the joint, but let's face it, as my old friend President Barack Obama stated in his campaign pledge "Yes We Can". Cubs fans that's the chant that should be ringing from the rafters in hopes the new owners will make serious considerations in erecting a new Wrigley Field on the North side.

The playing field itself is fabulous. The ivy, the lights, the scoreboard, and the new look bleachers are awesome attractions. But the basket overhanging the outfield wall should probably NOT be a part of the new look Wrigley Field.

As in the hit movie Field of Dreams, build it and they will come because Cubs fans surely will.

So if the Ricketts or whoever decides to buy the Cubs, let that be one of the priorities on the agenda. Build a new Wrigley Field.

I wouldn't want Ozzie to puke the next time the Sox play on the North side. And please don't hate the man for having an opinion about the place, remember he still has to feed his kids.

Surfing in Chicago!

How fun is that! The Chicago Park District has lifted a ban on Surfing at city lakefront beaches.

NOT that I'D want to do it. But I might just volunteer my news colleague Judy Wang to do one of those reporter-involvement-type stories, where SHE could then ride those Lake Michigan waves. Hey, she claims to know how to surf. Says she learned in California. You know, where they have those Ocean-size Waves.

Speaking of waves, not sure how this Chicago thing's going to work. I mean, outside of stormy weather those local Lake Waves don't really seem Hang Ten-able, do they? But then, what do I know.

Gonna have to 'Ask Judy.'

Which Side Are You On? Cubs or White Sox

It's that time of the year again. The "Crosstown Classic", the city showdown pitting mother against daughter, father against son, and husband against wife. It brings out the best and worst in some fans. Who do you represent? What team has you yelling in triumph and screaming in disappointment? Outside Wrigley, fans of both teams were circling the field hours and hours before the game started Tuesday night. Ticket brokers say demand for tickets is down 40-50% from last year, blaming the fact the series is during the week and there's a looming threat of rain. But we all know the excitement is still as high as ever despite both teams hovering around the .500 mark. Is there too much hype? Is this series for the fans only or do you believe the players really care? We want to hear from you. Share your favorite and best memories of this series.

CLTV Sports :60: Say It Ain't So Sammy!



Did Sammy hit a home run and did the Cubs win today was the question many fans asked each other during the 1998 baseball season.


That year Sosa and St. Louis Cardinals star slugger Mark McGwire both chased Roger Maris’s single season home run record of 61. That run resurrected the sport due to the baseball strike.
How the mighty have fallen. One by one it appears all these MLB sluggers are dropping like flies from McGwire to Raphael Palmeiro, Manny Ramirez, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez and Roger Clemens. The steroid issue will continue to hang over their heads and will so for years to come.
Performance enhancing drugs. That’s what Sosa reportedly tested positive for back in 2003 according to a New York Times article.
Does Sosa deserve to be in the Hall Of Fame? Should the Cubs retire Sosa’s number 21 jersey currently being worn by right-fielder Milton Bradley? Should it fly along the outfield foul-pole in rightfield similar to Ron Santo, Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, and Ryne Sandberg?
I say yes. For all that Sammy has done for the organization and all the national exposure he not only brought to the Cubs during his stay in Chicago, but for all the attention he and McGwire brought back to the game of baseball across the country, he should be celebrated.
Even the Atlanta Braves’ Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux were curious about all the attention the right field slugger was receiving back then. They starred in their own television commercial bellowing out “the chicks dig the long ball.”
Maybe there needs to be an asterisk near all of these players’ names, but unfortunately, I think it will be very difficult to get them into the Hall. To me it’s baseball’s fault that the game is in this state. Bud Selig and Donald Fehr. How did this happen under their watch?
I truly believe the owners conspired to find a way to revitalize the sport. Fans had been losing interest since the strike in ’94 and the owners needed a way to get them back. It was the long ball.
I believe Bonds became jealous of the attention and money both Sosa and McGwire were receiving during that time and four years later decided I’m better than both these guys and promptly banged out 73 dingers to surpass Mac’s 70.
Some think these players will never be inducted into the Hall, others believe there should be a separate wing for them. Whatever the case they cannot be ignored.
It’s not looking pretty but the games will go on. Thanks to Sammy for bringing so much excitement and entertainement to the city for all those years.
Hopefully, when the smoke clears, Sosa will be able to share that famous home run hop when his name is called in Cooperstown in 2013.

June 17, 2009

Stump Tim & Tonya: Statue of the Republic

Today's picture comes from Darren Galloway.

It's the Statue of the Republic in Jackson Park on 63rd & Hayes Drive.

According to the Explore Chicago website:

The original colossal 65 foot-tall version of Daniel Chester French’s Statue of the Republic was one of the most iconic features of the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893. Composed of gilded plaster, the monumental female figure with outstretched arms stood at the eastern end of the Court of Honor. The Chicago Tribune wrote “It impresses by its grand presence, its serene and noble face, and its perfect harmony with its magnificent surroundings, by its wonderful fitness.” Historian Mary Lackritz Gray asserts that along with another work exhibited at the fair, this monument placed sculptor Daniel Chester French (1850 – 1931) in the forefront of American art at the turn of the twentieth century. French went on to produce the figure of Lincoln for the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. The B. F. Ferguson Fund commissioned French to create this 24-foot version of the Republic in 1918, to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the fair and centennial of statehood for Illinois. It was conserved and re-gilded in 1992, in time for the 100th anniversary of the Exposition.

If you want to try to stump us, just send your photo to cltvdesk@tribune.com.
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Video of the day: Obama's policy on flies

Leading the country is just one of Obama's resume highlights. Swatting flies is another.

No Obama in Chicago Olympic Video

This was a crucial day for Chicago’s Olympic delegation.

The group is in Switzerland where it pitched the city’s bid to host the 2016 Summer Games to members of the International Olympic Committee.

Madrid, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro also pitched their cities.

Continue reading "No Obama in Chicago Olympic Video " »

Pay to Watch Fireworks?

The 4th of July is becoming a victim of the recession.

Some suburbs are canceling or cutting back on their celebrations. There will be no Independence Day parade in Elmhurst. The Elmhurst Jaycees lost a city grant that pays for a large portion of the event every year.

Evanston's Fourth of July Association is CHARGING participants who want to be in its parade. That's 75 dollars for non-profit's and 100 dollars for commercial businesses.

Joliet's celebration committee is asking the public for donations. It needs 23-thousand dollars for its fireworks show to go on. The head of the Joliet Regional Chamber of Commerce tells me citizens are responding. Donations coming in range from 25 dollars from individuals to five-thousand dollars from Rasmussen College.

Most residents I interviewed express disappointment. One woman says it's just not patriotic not to have 4th of July festivities. She says we need to support our troops overseas.
Would you be willing to pay for the party to go on?

CLTV SPORTS :60: Bears Should Send Cutler Home


Hang on here for a second. Back in April Bears GM Jerry Angelo said he didn’t have a problem with his star quarterback Jay Cutler going out on the town. Really?
Is this the same guy who got rid of his big defensive stud Tank Johnson and prized running back Cedric Benson after they had run-ins with alcohol and the law?


Cutler has been seen around town, at many late night establishments along with tightend Greg Olsen, carousing with the bar folks. Drink in hand, sometimes not, but still out partying like he’s on a college campus.
The point is, that’s when trouble can and usually happens. At the club, late at night , when alcohol, women, and loud music are involved.
All you need is for one guy to have a bit too much liquid courage and the next thing you know your star player’s mug shot is on the front page of the morning paper and all over the television news programs.
I thought Jerry would have learned his lesson from the Johnson incident in which the tackle’s longtime childhood friend was gunned down inside a near north side bar a couple of years ago.
Benson was on his boat down in Texas when he got belligerent with the coast guard and was physically forced off, handcuffed, and hauled away to jail. According to reports he was allegedly inebriated.

Continue reading "CLTV SPORTS :60: Bears Should Send Cutler Home" »

Your Destination for Politics

Tune in this Friday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. for a half-hour political special about corruption and the failure of ethics reform in Illinois.

Former federal prosecutor Patrick Collins (who put away former Gov. George Ryan and Mayor Richard Daley's patronage chief Robert Sorich) will be our guest as we find out why we can't clean things up in the Land of Lincoln, and take your calls.

Are you angry at the politicians in Springfield who are looking to raise your taxes before they clean up government?

Weigh in here and tune in this Friday at 3:30 p.m.

Blues Man BUDDY GUY Celebrates 20 Years of 'Legends'

What a Guy.. that Buddy Guy! A True-Blue(s) Star, who keeps it Real.. and keeps 'em Coming Back.

Buddy Guy's Chicago Blues club - Legends - celebrated *20 years in business Tuesday night. Quite an accomplishment, when you consider that many, many other Blues clubs, here and across the country, have been shuttered over the years. In terms of working to keep *his place open, Guy says, "We lost so many great people that play the Blues and I'm doing my best to keep the Blues alive."

(** Buddy Guy anniversary pictures thanks to photographer - Paul Natkin)

Of course, among those now gone: Chicago's own Blues queen, Koko Taylor, who died earlier this month. Just one of the music Legends who'd show up to play at Buddy's place (others have ranged from B.B. King to the Rolling Stones). Koko's passing actually caused Guy to cancel the original June 9th date for his club's big anniversary party. Last night, Taylor's long-time base player Melvin Smith played at Buddy Guy's bash. He told me if Koko were still around 'Congratulations!' is the first thing she'd say to Guy & Company -that- and 'Let's pitch a wang dang do' - translation: let's have a good time!

And as far as I could tell, folks definitely did. They seemed to be having a blast. A big part of it, seeing and hearing the award-winning Guy perform (a Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame music-legend-in-his-own-right).



The man's now in his seventies, NOT that you'd know it. He owns the stage and the audience. One young woman exclaimed it's, "The music that moves your feet!" "Amazing!," was the word from a guy in from Barcelona (Spain - just one of the countries represented in the audience pool.. also heard some fans from France and Lithuania were in the house). Folks of all shapes, colors and ages showed up to celebrate. At one point someone in the crowd yelled, "We love you Buddy."

Check out this You Tube clip of Buddy playing his newest awarding winning album 'Skin Deep' on Letterman.

Good 'Guy'

"One of the nicest guys you'll ever meet," says Dan Henley, who plays in a band with one of Buddy's daughters. Guy's club manager, Harvey McCarter calls him the, "Best boss I ever had." He's thankful he's kept the place open and kept them all employed. Singer Sharon Lewis, who did her first professional gig at Legends in 1993, says Guy's about "Encouraging the young, the young talent coming up."

Guy, himself, came up the hard way. A Louisiana sharecropper's son, he landed in Chicago in 1957. I first heard his story first hand 11 years ago, when I interviewed Mr. Guy for a special CLTV segment. Check it out...

Funny thing.. I really didn't think Buddy Guy would remember me, when I saw him again last night at his big 20th anniversary bash. He did. Started talking about that 1998 interview of ours.

What a Guy!

Me & Buddy - 2009

Daley to Sign Olympic Contract

Members of Chicago 2016 are in Lausanne, Switzerland pitching the city's bid to the International Olympic Committee. During the presentation, Mayor Richard Daley announced he will sign the IOC's standard host city contract, giving Chicago full financial responsibility for mounting the games.

Chicago's competitors, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, and Tokyo, all have blanket guarantees from their governments to cover financial risks.

Mayor Daley is not required to sign the contract until two days before the IOC picks the winning city in October. Chicago 2016 officials say they are confident taxpayers will not have to foot the bill for the games.

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June 18, 2009

A Look at "Swatgate"

So, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has some beef with our Commander in Chief. Apparently the advocacy group is upset over President Obama's enormously skillful ability to kill flies. Check out this video.

As you can see, during a television interview, the President did what millions of people around the world do on a daily basis -- he swatted a fly that was bothering him.

Continue reading "A Look at "Swatgate"" »

Can a Reporter be Human While Covering a Murder?

I crossed an ethical line in journalism this morning.

I gave a hug to a person involved in one of my stories, and that's something we reporters are trained not to do.

We walk right up to tragedy, sometimes a dozen or more times per year, and we're supposed to greet it with a stiff upper lip.

Continue reading "Can a Reporter be Human While Covering a Murder?" »

CLTV SPORTS :60: Sweet Lou Sticks To His Order




Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella hinted at changing his lineup around prior to Thursday's game against the White Sox over at Wrigley Field, but was probably glad he didn't tinker with it too much.

Lead-off man Alfonzo Soriano was very elated his skipper didn't drop him in the order like many fans were hoping as well.

With new hitting coach Von Joshua looking on from the dugout, Fonzie as he's called by those in Cubville, slapped a ducksnort single over the head of Sox second baseman Chris Getz to short right-center field to drive in Reed Johnson for the winning run and a 6-5 Cubs victory.

It would be the second hit of the game for Soriano after he went 0-3 in his first three plate appearances. He also collected a single in the Cubs four run eighth inning finishing 2-5 on the day.


Joshua appears to be making an immediate impact already for the North siders. The top six hitters in the order collected a total of eight hits on the day including two by Milton Bradley, who has been struggling at the plate, as well as Soriano's two late inning singles.

Continue reading "CLTV SPORTS :60: Sweet Lou Sticks To His Order" »

Have you seen her: Missing Toddler

2 year old Jada Justice went missing in Northwest Indiana Tuesday night.



A sweet little girl, according to those who know her.

Description: 2 feet 2 inches tall, 35 pounds, dark hair, brown eyes. Last seen wearing an orange skirt; a white, orange and green tank top; white sandals, purple underwear.

Obama Meets with Madigan: What Does it Mean?

After a spokeswoman for Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan confirmed she did indeed fly to Washington D.C. last Friday to meet with President Obama regarding the Illinois Senate race, speculation is swirling regarding Obama's endorsement.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says the President is endorsing no one, but the meeting seems to suggest otherwise.

Here's what Gibbs had to say Thursday in his daily briefing:

"Let me be explicit. The President is not going to pick a candidate in the Illinois Senate race. The President has a very long relationship with the Illinois Attorney General dating back to their time in the State Senate and has enormous respect for what she's accomplished there and has as Attorney General. I think she would be a terrific candidate, but we're doing going to get involved in picking that candidate."

Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times responded, "Then why did you call her into the White House, or somebody did?"

"I don't know whether she got called in or she came in," Gibbs said.

"So could you find that out by the way?" said Sweet.

"I might, I might not," Gibbs laughed.

"Robert when you say that, it just doesn't square with the reality on the ground that the DSCC has been polling for her," Sweet stated.

"I clearly don't control the DSCC," Gibbs retorted.

"Could you just try to say more succinctly and clearly what you said?" Sweet asked.

Gibbs' response:

"What I said frankly was succinct and clear. I said we're not picking a candidate, we're not going to endorse in this race. Does the President have enormous respect for the Attorney General? Absolutely. That was succinct and rather clear."

Another reporter chimed in:

"Then why go as far as you did in talking about her, in what a great candidate she would make?"

"The President has enormous respect for her. He sat next to her in the State Senate," Gibbs responded- clearly annoyed.

What do you think?
Are the President and his staffers working on behalf of Lisa Madigan, as their meeting may suggest?
Or is it blown out of proportion?

June 19, 2009

Stump Tim & Tonya: 311 S. Wacker Bldg.

Today's picture comes from Kenneth James.

It's the 311 S. Wacker Building in the Loop.

If you want to try to stump us, just send your photo to cltvdesk@tribune.com.
You PLEASE put "Stump Tim & Tonya" in the subject line. Make sure to include your name, where you're from and as much information as possible about the photo. Then watch CLTV to see if we use your photo.

Justice For Blair

Ronald Holt walked into the Cook County Criminal Courts Building this morning with his son still fresh on his mind.

Jury selection soon was to get underway today for the trial of a 17-year-old accused of gunning down Holt’s16-year-old son, Blair, on a CTA bus in May 2007.

Holt expected to sit through hours of jury selection; instead, he received an unexpected surprise.

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A New Heart For Baby Faris

Baby Faris is just shy of his first birthday. Very lucky to be alive - thanks to a new heart. The key was getting that heart in time. Based on American Medical Association statistics, nearly 40-percent of babies needing new hearts -die- before one becomes available.

Here's our latest report on this cute little Chicagoland boy.

By the way Faris's name means - 'polite fighter.' And he will need to continue to fight. But even so, the odds for children such as Faris are much improved from what they once were.

Statistics indicate that 15 years ago.. 73-percent of children with new hearts rejected them within the first year. But medical advances over the years have now changed that. The first year rejection rate is now down to around 25-percent.

*Click below to see our *first story on Baby Faris in March 2009.

Continue reading "A New Heart For Baby Faris" »

Severe Weather on CLTV

Greetings CLTV Viewers,

A programming note for you about our tracking of severe weather on CLTV.

Because of our commitment to carry the White Sox/Reds game tonight, our weather coverage may have a few gaps.

We will keep you updated, as much as possible on the air and online here at cltv.com.

Thank you!

Body Art Expo


Ever think about getting a tattoo? Let me be the first to tell you, it's not as painful as you may think! And once you start, it's hard to stop at just one.
This weekend you can get a tattoo of your own, or just check out some inked inspiration, at the "Body Art Expo" at Navy Pier.
The Expo features hundreds of tattoo artists, from as far away as Japan, and as close as right here in Chicago.
For more information head to www.bodyartexpo.com
and if you can't make it out to the Expo, check out our behind the scenes photo gallery, at cltv.com.

CLTV SPORTS :60: D-Lee On Fire



What the heck is going on with Cubs first baseman Derrick Lee? A 16 game hitting streak? Two homers in a 8-7 win over the Cleveland Indians in a 10 inning rally at Wrigley? Whoa!


Lee smacked out two homers to help lead the North siders to their second straight victory to keep his hitting streak alive. The second was a game tying homer when it counted.

It came off of former Cub closer Kerry Wood in the 9th to tie it up at 7-a piece.

Cubs fans, you wanted Michael Hauffpaur to start at first base before the season even started, what about now? D-Lee is on fire.

He went 3 for 5 with 2RBI on the day while scoring a couple of times in the victory.

Do you thank GM Jim Hendry for getting rid of relief pitcher Wood to the Indians who Lee knew how to take deep to help win the game? Do you thank manager Lou Piniella for staying with his veteran first baseman despite the criticism early in the season? Or do you just thank D-Lee for being D-Lee despite the loud cries because of his early season struggles?

Everyone knows Lee starts the season slow regarding his hitting. It's said the brothers heat up when the weather heats up. Wrigley was hot on the field, following a rain delay, but game-wise it was blistering for number 25."

[Now] we'll see what this team is capable of doing when we swing the bats a little more consistently," Derrek Lee said.

As usual, Cubs fans, even before the season got underway, you were ready to bench this veteran if not retire him. What are you thinking now?

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June 20, 2009

Father's Day: The Ultimate Challenge

It's a challenge I face this time every year.
What to get my dad for Father's Day?

My dad has got to be the hardest person in the world to buy for, and I'm not exaggerating. Just ask my siblings. They'll tell you.

Here are a few examples:
All of the clothes we've given dad over the last FOUR DECADES still have their store tags attached. The clothes remain in their gift boxes-- stacked up in his closet.
The keychain I gave him in 1975-- it's still in the box.
The watch I bought in 1980-- still in its box.
A Coach wallet in 1990-- in the box. He's still carrying a wallet from 1965.
A GPS device-- in the box.
A cellphone-- you guessed it. (you get the idea)

My sister, brother, and I know whatever we buy dad-- it'll just sit in his closet or in a drawer FOREVER.
Is it just OUR father or are there lots of father's like this?
Just wondering?

T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) Parties Continue

The TEA parties, protesting wasteful government spending and tax increases aren't showing any signs of slowing down. There was another one in Skokie on Saturday. Like so many others, they don't want to see a 50% increase in the state income tax. They want to see cuts before any talks of raising taxes. It's that age old question. Do you raise taxes and revenue to pay for services, or do you make painful cuts to vital services? Where do you stand? Some believe Governor Quinn is trying to scare people by threatening to cut services to seniors and the disabled if lawmakers don't pass the tax increase. What do think will be the outcome? Do you think these T.E.A. parties will continue throughout the upcoming months and even years? A July 1st budget deadline is looming as state lawmakers head back to Springfield on Tuesday. No matter what happens, someone is going to be angry.

Local Iranian Protests

More than 200 people, mostly Iranian-Americans, gathered in Daley Plaza Saturday to demonstrate against the ongoing violence and government suppression of those protesting the disputed political election in Iran.

And they're not finished yet.

Another protest is scheduled for Sunday, June 21st in Grant Park.

Participants are asked to meet near the Buckingham Fountain at 11 A.M., and to come wearing green.

CLTV SPORTS :60: Dads, Have A Great Day



From my Dad who I miss so graciously, to the great late Walter Payton, the late Earl Woods, the late James Jordan, the late Norm Van Lier, the late Johnny "Red" Kerr, the late Larry Gross and Richard Pegue, to John Hathy and the late Officer Alejandro Valadez.

To Muhammad Ali, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Denzel Washington, Harold Baines, Steve Farber, Dan Jiggetts, Jeff Schwartz, David Schuster, Roland Burris, Richard Daley, Howard Brookins, Todd Stroger, Ben Jarovsky, Michael Conley, Les Grobstein, Jesse Rogers, Judd Sirott, Barry Rozner, Bill Wennington, Mike Madigan, Jesse Jackson Jr., Dan McNeil, Jim Rose, Sonny Means, George Bliss, and Henry Hackney Jr.

Ozzie Guillen, Frank Robinson, Garrard McClendon, my brothers and nephews, to Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. Oh, and of course the First Father of our country, Pres. Barack Obama. Happy Father's Day to one and all.

There are too many names for me to mention, but there are so many more I would love to add. So, to all those fathers that were not mentioned, you are always mentioned and forever appreciated. This is your day. It is a very special honor. Cherish it! Enjoy and have a fantastic day.

Happy Father's Day

June 21, 2009

Does Anybody Work Here?

Is it just me, or is it hard to find a sales associate in a store lately?
Most workplaces are operating with skeleton crews these days. The nation's biggest retailers are no exception.

The other day, I wandered around a major department store for about ten minutes before I could find an employee to help me. That's because some sections of the store (women's accessories-- for example) had NO ONE working. A manager told me the store can't afford to hire right now.
While at another department store, I went to THREE check-out counters to pay. No sales associates at any of them.
The third store I walked into was clothing store you'll find in just about any mall in America. I purchased a birthday present and asked the sales clerk for a gift box. She told me the company is trying to save and doesn't do gift boxes anymore.

Isn't there a way to save without sacrificing service?

Where is Jada Justice?

The Lake County State's Attorney is scheduled to meet with law enforcement Monday morning in connection with the disappearance of 2-year old Jada Justice.


We're not sure.

Angelica Castillo, Jada's 18-year old cousin and baby sitter, was being held as a person of interest in the case on possible child neglect charges, but she's been released.

On Friday, Hobart police said they believed there were individuals related to the case who were not being "forthcoming."

What do you believe will come of Monday's meeting?

Where is Jada?

June 22, 2009

Stump Tim & Tonya: Buckingham Fountain

Today's picture is from Kenneth James.

It's Buckingham Fountain at night.

According to the Chicago Park District:

The Fountain, one of the largest in the world, is located at Columbus Drive and Congress Parkway in Grant Park.

The Fountain opened on May 26, 1927. It was dedicated on August 26, 1927.

The Buckingham Fountain was designed by Edward H. Bennett. It represents Lake Michigan. It is surrounded by four sea horses, built by Marcel Loyau, to symbolize the four states that touch the lake: Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.

The designed Edward Bennett attributed the design specifically to the influence of the Latona Basin in Louis XIV's gardens at Versailles.

Kate Buckingham dedicated the structure to the people of Chicago in 1927 in memory of her late brother, Clarence. At the time, she also established a $300,000 trust fund to ensure that the taxpayers would never have to cover all of the repair and upkeep costs associated with the fountain.

The Fountain is constructed of Georgia pink marble.

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The Hidden Price You Pay For Speeding

Let me start by saying this is CRAZY!@#$%^&*().

I had to go to court the other day for a speeding ticket I got in Hillside. The police officer said he clocked me going 60 mph in a 45 mph zone. He told me I would probably get supervision from the judge because I had a good driving record.

Sure enough, I did! The judge stamped the ticket and told me to pay $50 plus court fees to get my license back.

Little did I know the court fees were $135. No, this is not a typo! By the time it was all said and done, I paid $185 for going 15 mph over the speed limit (not even in a construction zone).

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Baby Faris Update

He should be going home from the hospital within two weeks! That's the latest on the not-quite-one-year-old northwest suburban Hanover Park dynamo we've been reporting on for the past several months.

First, at death's door.. in need of a new heart. Then, post transplant --what his mother Siham has called a miracle. His name: Faris Samara.

Mrs. Samara called today to update me on her baby's condition, saying he's now ready to be moved from the intensive care unit at Children's Memorial to a regular floor, "because of his progress!"

But more importantly his mother wants to continue to shine a light on the very reason her son is alive and looking forward to celebrating his first birthday - organ donation.

Says Siham, " I hope people can be convinced to become organ donors from all of this. That's why my son's alive right now, because of a donor.. and why, I'm so darn happy these days."

For more information on becoming an organ donor go to LifeGoesOn.com.

June 2009

March 2009

Staying Positive For Jada

Clarence Justice spent his Father's Day thinking positive thoughts about his missing daughter.

Jada Justice, who is almost 3 years old, has been missing for almost a week.

She was last seen Tuesday night with her 18-year-old babysitter - who is also her cousin. Angelica Castillo has told authorities that she left Jada in her unlocked car while she ran into a Gary gas station to grab a gallon of milk.

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Gov. Blago Better Beware

Sometimes it seems disgraced former Governor Rod Blagojevich doesn't realize how serious his situation really is (his Second City cameo, an attempt at reality tv and to put it generously, his erratic behavior). Heck, the judge presiding over the case against him, James Zagel has said as much.

But if Blagojevich is thinking clearly he should have gotten a reality check today. A federal judge sentenced his pal and former top fundraiser Chris Kelly to more than three years in prison on tax charges.

It's a victory for the feds looking to gain leverage on Kelly.

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Jada Justice: Volunteer Search

Melissa Swiontek's 2-year old daughter has been missing now for almost a week, and this evening she joined with an army of volunteers to go door-to-door in Gary and Hobart, asking neighbors if they have any information regarding the disappearance of Jada Justice.

Police and F-B-I have been busy searching the woods near Jada's babysitter's home, but Swiontek won't go there.

"We're not looking in the woods, we're not looking in abandoned houses," Swiontek told me.

She instead is focusing on the possibility that Jada is in the home or yard of a neighbor who has not yet heard of the little girl's disappearance.

Is such a scenario a possibility?

Has anyone in Northwest Indiana NOT heard of Jada Justice?

CLTV SPORTS :60: Sosa and Selig and Fehr Oh My


Major League Baseball Players Association Executive Director Donald Fehr has decided to step down as the players' union chief.
26 years as the president of the players' union, Fehr is calling it quits, handing the position over to some 47 year old.


The question to ask is why are you stepping down now Donald? Is it me or is it just ironic that Fehr stepped down just a week after former Cub slugger Sammy Sosa's named surfaced among those major leaguers mentioned on the list of suspected performance enhancing drugs/steroid users?
Fehr said his reason for stepping down from the high post is because it's the right time.
It's been long suspected that Fehr and MLB Commish Bud Selig were co-conspirators behind the whole steroid use and controversy. There are those who believe these two master-minds looked the other way and kept their traps shut when players began to bulk up like the Incredible Hulk.
These two men publicly said they each had respect for one another once Fehr made his announcement.
This is the first time Sosa's name has really surfaced since the Senate hearings. My guess is things are starting to heat up and somewhere down the road more than just players names will begin to come up.
Jose Canseco, the one who started all of this mess, indicated in a recent interview on ESPN Radio that baseball will finally get it right when someone is arrested due to the massive steroid use throughout the major and minor leagues.

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June 23, 2009

Stump Tim & Tonya: Flame sculpture

Today's picture comes from Lawrence Doyle.

It's the flame sculpture outside of the Chicago Fire Academy at Dekoven & Jefferson in the West Loop.

According to the web site waymarking.com:

The Academy now sits on the grounds where the Great Chicago Fire allegedly began, also marked by a sculpture of flame reaching skyward. In the 1870's, this area used to be densely populated with wooden structures.

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WARNING: Really Hot Weather Can Be DEADLY

We sometimes joke within our newsroom when we're covering hot weather and giving survival tips (same during freezing temps) -- that it seems sort of dumb to report on this .. as people who live here already know what to do when the temperatures and humidity soar.

But the reality is: though we all seemingly *know what to do, we don't all do it. For proof just look back to the deadly Chicago summer of 1995 - when more than 700 people died heat-related deaths. It was like an epidemic had hit the city. But in fact, it was a case of folks not doing what needs to be done to survive extreme heat and potentially deadly heat stroke.

DEADLY%20CHICAGO%20HEAT%201995.jpgThe elderly were especially susceptible in 1995's extreme Chicago heat. (Tribune photo by Walter Kale)

Below are some hot weather survival tips:
--avoid caffeine and alchohol
--drink extra water and eat frequent small meals
--wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing
--plan any strenous outdoor activity for the early morning or evening hour
--stay *inside from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., the hottest part of the day

Heat Exhaustion Symptoms:
(include) pale and clammy skin, heavy perspiration, dizziness, weakness, headache or cramps, nausea and fainting

Heat Stroke Symptons**:
(incude) high body temperature, skin that is red and dry, rapid pulse and loss of consciousness

**Get Help Immediately If You or Someone You Know Experiences the Above Symptoms.

Your Destination for Politics

Are you fed up about corruption at the city, county and state levels? Today we had a on-air discussion about corruption and efforts at ethics reform with former federal prosecutor Patrick Collins (chair of the Illinois Reform Commission) and Chicago's corruption-busting Inspector General David Hoffman.

Here's a clip of Collins blasting the Springfield establishment for it's limited action on reform.


Did Gov. Pat Quinn make a deal with the devil on ethics reform?

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Mother Nature Grants Your Wish

Ask, and you shall receive. Everyone was hollering for a taste of summer. And now that it's here, you can already here the talk of it's too hot. Make up your mind. It's summer. I know it's 90 degrees, with the heat index hitting 98 to 105 in some areas away from the lake. Is it too hot? Is it just what the doctor ordered? This type of weather can be dangerous and harmful to the most vulnerable population, but it's time to be a good neighbor. This is what we wait for, hoping for during these harsh winters. The city lights up during the summer. Everyone is out having a good time despite the heat wave. What type of weather is your favorite? So the next time you say, "Hey I wish it would heat up," remember what your wishing for. It seems like mother nature is listening and answering your prayers. Even though your body is covered with sweat and it feels like a sauna outside, it's much better than -28 degrees in the dead of winter.

CLTV SPORTS :60: Pres. Bush, Baseball and Steroids


Sammy Sosa, Alex Rodriguez, Rafael Palmeiro, Jose Canseco, Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, and Miguel Tejada. What an All-Star group of talented major leaguers.

With this squad a team(s) is bound to win, or at least get some national attention during any given summer. Name recognition will always draw the attention one is looking for.

All these players have something in common. All have been connected to steroid or performance enhancing drug use. Hence, the steroid era.

One name missing from this list is one that had tremendous influence in not only America’s favorite pastime, but in the entire country itself.

That name is George W. Bush. The 43rd president of these United States of America.

Now, stay with me on this, don’t jump off the Juneteenth Mountain quite yet. It won’t take me two (2) years to free you from that shackled mentality you’ve been enslaved with.

Bush was the co-owner of the Texas Rangers beginning in 1989 when he purchased a share of the major league franchise. An $800,000 investment would land him a $15-million windfall in 1998 after moving on. What an investment.

Believe me it's not the first time Bush has been ensnarled in controversial matters.

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June 24, 2009

Stump Tim & Tonya: Cobb Gate

Today's picture comes from Victoria Wiedel.

It's Cobb Gate on the University of Chicago campus. it was named for the architect who designed it, Henry Ives Cobb. The gate was completed in 1897.

According to the Cass of 2019 web site:

The gargoyles on the gate that faces 57th Street are good ones to know because they are said to represent the progression of every U of C student. This version of the story was taken directly from the Chicago Life booklet. "It goes like this: At the base are the largest figures, said to be the Admissions Counselor and College Examiner defying ready passage. Above them are the first-years, struggling to keep their footing on the slippery academic slope. The second-years, looking slightly more stable, scurry ahead. Snarling at the second-year students to keep them at a distance, the third-year students strain to reach the top. The fourth-years, of course, stand proudly at the educational pinnacle." The gargoyles can be found in many more locations around campus as well, turning up almost every time you turn your head while on campus grounds.

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Safe Havens From the Summer Heat

The summer sizzler continues for a second day across Chicagoland.

Today the mercury is expected to climb into the mid 90's, combined with the humidity, it could feel more like 100 degrees in some areas.

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Chicago 2016 Meets Behind Closed Doors With Aldermen

In a quick change of heart, Chicago 2016 decided to meet with city aldermen behind closed doors Wednesday afternoon. At first, Chairman Pat Ryan said he would need 45 to 60 days before he discussed the financial plan with city leaders. Do you think they felt the pressure of taxpayers? Chicago 2016 said it's working in real time and wants to address the concerns now before making a final and more formal presentation in a couple of months. It all centers around the surprise agreement by Mayor Daley to sign the standard host city contract, essentially putting the city on the hook for any potential losses from the 2016 Olympic Games. No city has won the Games without signing the contract, so I'm really shocked anyone is shocked they agreed to sign it. They had to if they wanted the Olympics in Chicago. Who believes taxpayers won't end up paying for part of the Games? Ryan says it highly unlikely that will happen. The group is working on a $2 billion package in guarantees and insurance. First of all, do you really care? Does having the Olympics here outweigh any concerns? The pressure seems to be building up from residents who say they've had enough of not being told the whole truth. Only time will tell if taxpayers are getting the wool pulled over their eyes. Even though it's seven years away, no one wants to think about someone taking more money out of their pockets. Do you?

June 25, 2009

Stump Tim & Tonya: Statue of Ceres

Today's picture comes from William R.

It's of the Board of Trade’s Statue of Ceres in downtown Chicago at 141 W. Jackson.

According to Wikipedia:

A three-story art deco statue of Ceres, goddess of agriculture (particularly grain), caps the building. The building is a popular sightseeing attraction and location for shooting movies, and its owners and management have won awards for efforts to preserve the building and for office management.

The central structure is capped by a 6,500 pound, 31 ft tall aluminum statue of the Roman goddess of grain, Ceres, holding a sheaf of wheat in the left hand and a bag of corn in the right hand, as a nod to the exchange's heritage as a commodities market. This statue was assembled from 40 pieces. As it is near the forty-five story point, sculptor John H. Storrs believed that no other building would be tall enough for the inhabitants to clearly see the statue's face, and therefore it was left blank.

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Video of the Day: Volcano erruption

An astronaut on the International Space Station has captured an amazing picture. He photographed a volcano in Russia's Kuril (K-YOO-reel) Islands in its early state of erupting. The shockwave from the eruption cleared a hole in the clouds, allowing the clear view. This particular volcano hasn't erupted since 1989.

Farrah Fawcett Dead at Age 62

1970's icon Farrah Fawcett lost her battle against cancer this morning.

I polled my male co-workers. A majority of those age 40 and older admit to having a Farrah Fawcett poster at one time. Guys wanted to date her. Girls wanted to BE her. Remember how many women copied her hair-- that flip? That was long before plastic surgery became an everyday thing in Hollywood. Now, anybody can look like Farrah Fawcett with a little help here and there.

I admit I was a bit saddened when the news crossed of her passing. I guess a part of me was kind of rooting for her to beat this thing.

Michael Jackson Dead

Michael Jackson, the "King of Pop", has died at a Los Angeles hospital. The former Gary, Indiana resident was 50 years old. Stay with CLTV for continuing coverage on this developing story. You can also leave your comment below about the life and legacy of Michael Jackson.

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson


Today is one of those moments in history we will never forget. Say what you want about the man, but he was undeniably the MOST talented man to ever entertain a crowd. His death has shocked the WORLD. I woke up from a much need nap to text messages, ims, and facebook messages asking me to confirm the news that Michael Jackson was indeed dead.
I am at a complete loss for words. Those of you that know me personally know, that rarely happens. I have been a MJ fan since the moment I walk. My older sister and I used to tape his videos off MTV and learn the moves. I am sure thousands of others have done the same thing. To this day, I can not hear "Thriller", "Beat It". or "Remember the Time" without busting a move.

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Video: Michael Jackson's Shining Moment

It was in May, 1983 that millions watched "Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever"

The special had legends of music, including Michael Jackson.

He performed with the Jackson 5, but also solo with the hit "Billie Jean"

Take a look at the video. It was the first time he performed his famous "moonwalk" in public.

Please share your favorite song, video, or moment from Michael Jackson's life here. We may use it on the air.

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

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How to Remember Michael


Mayor Rudy Clay of Gary, IN says he intends to permanently memorialize the legacy of the town's most famous citizen, Michael Jackson.

There's talk of turning Jackson's childhood home at 2300 Jackson Street into a museum, and the mayor also mentioned moving the home and building a museum around it somewhere visible from the expressway.

How do you think Gary should remember Michael?

June 26, 2009

CLTV SPORTS :60: Michael-Jackson & Jordan Moment

Jackson vs. Jordan

By Jerry Riles

The Michaels square off. Jackson versus Jordan.


Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan squared off on the hardwood. First the King taught the King how to move on the basketball court and then the other King taught the other how to move on the court.

"It Aint Too Hard For Me To Jam" is the video the two mega super stars put together that touched the industries of Athletics and Music. The Arts! Entertainment! The Kings united the world in their works.

Check out the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcWTT91wUJ0

Mike we'll miss you. JAM! May God Bless You! Please don't forget Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, and legendary John Calloway.

Pres. Barack Obama represents change and change is coming. Special thanks goes out to Barry Gordie and Quincy Jones, and the entire Jackson family.

Michael you've stopped the world! Thank you!

Taste of Chicago 2009


The 2009 Taste of Chicago kicks off Friday June 26 in Grant Park and will run through July 5th. Vendors from restaurants all over Chicago showcase their bounty every day from 11 am - 6 pm. Admission is free, as always.

For more information, visit the Taste's official website. And to whet your appetite, check out the pictures of delicious food in this photo gallery and Chicago Tribune's online guide.

Stump Tim & Tonya: Glos Mausoleum

Today's picture comes from David Salverson of Northlake.

This is the Glos Mausoleum, the final resting place of Henry L. Glos, banker and first Village President of Elmhurst and his wife Lucy in downtown Elmhurst.

According to the Elmhurst Park District:

Lucy Glos, wife of Henry L. Glos, banker and first Village President, donated the land to the City of Elmhurst. The property is the site of the Glos mausoleum. The land was donated to the City of Elmhurst in the 1940s, but was not developed into a park until 1979, with dedication in 1981. The City began leasing the property to the Park District in 1978. That year, some of the land was lost when the underpass was installed. A formal rose garden and, until 1997, an herb garden, was created and maintained by the Park District and the Elmhurst Garden Club. In 1997, the herb garden was moved to Wilder Park. The Tree Towns Garden Guild, a newer garden club, now cares for the rose garden. Visitors can walk through or picnic in this historical vista, the final resting place for Henry and Lucy Glos. Current size: 0.94 acres.

If you want to try to stump us, just send your photo to cltvdesk@tribune.com.
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Michael Jackson: Mr. Weird or Mr. Wonderful?

Faithful Michael Jackson fans started flocking to his childhood home in Gary, Indiana at 4 this morning.

Samantha Moritz and her dad drove from the town of Highland, Indiana to pay their condolences to the king of pop.

Now, 15, Samantha swears she fell in love with Jackson's music at the tender age of 3. Samantha clutched a laminated photograph and autograph of Jackson. She got them during Jackson's last visit to Gary in 2003.

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CLTV SPORTS :60: "Bradley Place"



Milton Bradley has left the building.

It was actually the Cell, U.S. Cellular Field on Chicago's south side after a heated exchange with manager Lou Piniella during Game 1 of the Crosstown Classic between the Cubs and the White Sox.


The heat was on, but it wasn't between the heated rivals Northsiders versus the Southsiders. It was ALL on the northside, and the featured attraction was of course Bradley and surprisingly enough, Piniella.

The last time the Cubs scuffled at the Cell was a couple of years back when catcher Michael Barrett sucker-punched Sox catcher A. J Pierzynski after a slight collision at home plate. Barrett would later clash with ace pitcher Carlos Zambrano and in the words of announcer Hawk Harrelson "He Gone"!!!

Piniella's post game comments emphatically stated, "he's done" with Bradley's antics. The heat was on...in the Cubs dugout...during the game...for everyone to witness. At least most of those who were on the field, including the Sox.

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Making Michael's Memory Our Own

As a news reporter, I have incredible access to incredible situations almost everyday, but I have RARELY felt the need to document any of these situations for myself. That's probably because in the news business- it's just that, the business, and though I'm not proud of it, I oftentimes don't appreciate the importance of many things I'm fortunate enough to witness.

That's not the case with the death and remembrance of Michael Jackson, a legend whose music has played in the background through the three decades in which I've lived.

So today, I took pictures of the scene outside the Gary, Indiana Jackson family home for myself- something I haven't done in three years covering news in Chicago.

Many I spoke to got out their old records, or made a trip to the record store to buy the ones they didn't have.

Some dusted off their Sega Genesis "Moonwalker" game, while others just started moonwalking themselves.

Jackson fans: What are you doing to remember his legacy?
Jackson fans: What did you do to mark the day? I'

June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson Music Flying Off Shelves

Ever since Thursday afternoon, when the King of Pop Michael Jackson died, his music has become an instant collector's item. His music is selling in large numbers on the internet and now many people are looking for the oldies but goodies. At Beverly Records, open since 1967, Jackson's fans are flocking to the store. The owner says on Friday there were lines of people waiting to get in, adding he's sold out of his CD's and half of his Jackson record collection. Jack Dreznes says, "I haven't seen anything like this since Elvis Presley. People just want something to remember him by." Inside the store, Jackson's music played while customers surfed through old vinyl. One thing is for sure, he's the greatest entertainer of all time. Who rivals Michael Jackson? By the looks of the around the clock vigil around the world, it appears right now no one is close. I hear the Elvis fans yelling at me right now. What does Michael make you think about? I can remember being a little kid dancing around to "Beat It" and other great songs in my basement in New Jersey, the old small 45's going around the record player. It was a time of great joy, learning how to dance to Michael Jackson. Music was and will always be Michael Jackson to me. That's what I will always remember.

June 28, 2009

Tribute to Motown and Michael


Here's a photo from my evening at a wonderful tribute concert commemorating the 50th anniversary of Motown Records, which included the work of Michael Jackson.

It was held at the Harold Washington Cultural Center, where fans spent most of their evening on their feet, dancing to the music Michael and Motown made famous.

I danced (poorly) with a Michael Jackson impersonator to "Thriller," but what M.J. song brings you to your feet the fastest?

Post your favorites here.

One More Standing Ovation For Michael Jackson

Nearly 15-hundred people came out to Sweet Holy Spirit Church in South Chicago on Sunday, singing and dancing to the songs of Michael Jackson. It was a celebration of his life, with video tributes and folks singing his greatest hits. What will be Michael Jackson's legacy? How did he change the landscape of music and the country? Many of his fans say he helped bridge the racial divide, bring people together of all races and religion. Bishop Trotter said," I think that was his greatest impact." Do you agree? It was one more standing ovation for the King of Pop. At times, the whole sanctuary stood up and sang together. I was asked, "Is there any current singer as popular as him?" Do you know any singer where any one of his dozens of songs are playing, and everyone, I mean everyone, knows all the words. It's truly amazing. Some say you never know how important a person is, until that person dies. If that's true, Michael Jackson, agree or not, could be one of the most important people ever to walk the earth. If you think it sounds crazy, just ask his millions and millions of fans across the world.

Has the Media Been Fair to Michael Jackson?

The Jackson family has been frustrated with much of the media coverage of Michael Jackson's death.

Rev. Al Sharpton, who spoke with the family, says they are concerned that too much attention has been focused on the pop star's problems. They want him to be remembered for his musical legacy.

The truth is Michael Jackson's legacy is a complicated one. Jackson's music was groundbreaking and brilliant. In recent years, however, the music has been overshadowed by the bizarre behavior, the disturbing physical transformation, and the child molestation allegations.

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Michael and the Music Video

One woman in attendance today at the Michael Jackson memorial service at Sweet Holy Spirit Church said one reason she admired the King of Pop so much was that before he came along, "MTV was all white."

The "Thriller" video certainly changed that.

Does anyone remember MTV in those two years pre-"Thriller"?

What was it like?

June 29, 2009

Who Should Get Custody Of Jackson's Kids?

Days after his death and it's still not clear yet what will happen to Michael Jackson's children.

His mother, Katherine, is said to be caring them, and there are reports that she will go to court today to protect her rights to custody of them.

Jackson left behind three children: Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., 12; Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, 11; and Prince Michael II, 7.


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State Budget Deadline Too Close For Comfort

With only a couple days to spare, the July 1st budget deadline is quickly approaching for state lawmakers. Governor Pat Quinn says he believes the revenue needed to balance the $9 billion hole will come this week. Republicans are still fighting for more cuts, and changes in healthcare and pensions before signing off on any variation of an income tax increase. Do you think there's enough urgency? Are you satisfied with how this budget crisis is being handled by Governor Quinn? Thousands of jobs are at stake, but some taxpayers question the use of a doomsday scenario to sway public sentiment. It's continues to be the age old question, raise taxes or cut services? Just two more days, and we will find out which actually happens. You choose. Which one sounds more appealing to you?


And yes, I mean 'flying luggage!' If you've ever had the privilege of viewing a game of 'hurl the bags' it's thoroughly entertaining. That is, until you realize that could be 'your' suitcase the airline baggage guys in the bowels of the plane are playing 'hit the luggage cart' with.

A couple months ago, I watched some baggage people miss the cart, as the bag in question then slammed on to the tarmac instead. Of course, it then gets picked up and 'slammed' on to the cart. Nice.

When I got back from the trip I was on and the folks in my group retrieved our bags -- three of the four were damaged. Even though we paid extra to check the bags, the airline (U.S. Air) informed us paying to fix those they wrecked was not their problem. Also nice.

Thought it was interesting, when on another airline's (American) flight over the weekend, they made a big point of saying how *careful they are with your bags. Extra nice? Or should I say - Really?

Anyway, my gripes aside, one Congressman from Illinois is now looking to address his own luggage-related airline gripes via a new bill. Check out the link below for more.


Supreme Court Rules on Reverse Discrimination Case

The Supreme Court has ruled that a a group of white firefighters from New Haven, Connecticut were unfairly denied promotions because of reverse discrimination.

In a 5-4 decision, the high court concluded the city was wrong to scrap a promotions exam because African-American candidates failed to do well. City officials say they were trying to avoid a discrimination lawsuit from minorities. Instead, the city was slapped with a reverse discrimination lawsuit from a group of firefighters dubbed the "New Haven 20."

The firefighters say the ruling provides them with vindication.

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June 30, 2009

Stump Tim & Tonya: Garfield Park Fieldhouse

Today picture comes from Kendall Akers.

It's of the Garfield Park Fieldhouse at 100 N. Central Park Ave. in Chicago.

According to the Chicago Park District web site:

In 1869, the Illinois state legislature established the West Park Commission, which was responsible for three large parks and interlinking boulevards. The centerpiece of the system, the 185-acre Central Park, was renamed to honor President James A. Garfield (1831- 1881) after his assassination in 1881. Plans for the entire ensemble of Humboldt, Garfield and Douglas Park had been completed ten years earlier, by William Le Baron Jenney, best known today as the father of the skyscraper. As ambitious plans could not be realized all at once, Garfield Park developed in stages, beginning with the east lagoon.

In 1928, the West Park Commission contructed the "Gold Dome Building" in Garfield Park to provide a new administrative headquarters for the West Park Commission. a fieldhouse in Humboldt Park. The structure was designed by architects Michaelsen and Rognstad, who were also responsible for other notable buildings including the Humboldt, Douglas and LaFolette Park Fieldhouses, and the On Leong Chinese Merchant's Association Building in Chinatown. In 1934, Garfield Park became part of the Chicago Park District, when the city's 22 independent park commissions merged into a single citywide agency. At that time, the adminstrative offices were no longer needed and the "Gold Dome" building became Garfield Park's fieldhouse.

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Stump Tim & Tonya: Grosse Point Lighthouse

Today's picture is from Bhavna Goswami.

It's of the Grosse Point Lighthouse in Evanston.

According to the Grosse Point Lighthouse official web site:

Grosse Point Lighthouse was built by the United States Government in 1873 as the lead lighthouse marking the approach to Chicago after several shipwrecks demonstrated its need. The promontory on which it stands was named Grosse Point (Great Point) by early French explorers and traders in the 17th century. Over the years, the U.S. Government dropped the French “e” on Point.

If you want to try to stump us, just send your photo to cltvdesk@tribune.com.
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CLTV SPORTS :60: Cubs Win The World Series? Could Happen!



They trail Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Cincinnati, in the NL Central. They are 3 1/2 games out of first place with a 36-37 record as of Tuesday. They are expected to get their star third baseman back sometime next week, and they recently promoted their Triple-A hitting coach to the majors.
The Cubs should win the division and possibly the World Series.
There, I said it. The Northsiders can win the World Series in 2009 and end that long drought.


Put aside the goat, the black cat, Bartman, and even Babe Ruth pointing toward the bleachers. This team of confused misfits will find a way to get into the Fall Classic. Will they win it? That remains to be seen, but they can definitely make it.
It all starts at the top though. That means manager Lou Piniella must manage and control his feisty bunch the rest of the regular season.
No more water cooler outbursts. No more helmet throwing tirades in the dugout. No more heaving balls out toward the bleachers after being tossed from a game.
If any of these antics are going to take place on the Northside let it be from the man in charge. Piniella. He already acted on it when he told his rightfielder, Milton Bradley to take off his uniform and go home during the Cubs-Sox series after a blowup.

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Michael Jackson's Kids - Not Really His?

News broke this afternoon regarding the paternity of Michael Jackson's three children --indicating he's NOT the *biological father of any of them.


Are you surprised?

What's more.. one report indicates Jackson never adopted the kids.

This could potentially throw a wrench into any custody proceedings.
For more, check out these links:



Scam Artists Take Advantage of Michael Jackson Death

What would you expect? The vultures are out, looking for any way to make a quick buck. A national warning was sent out by the Better Business Bureau, telling consumers to beware of fraud and scams. The agency points to the internet for people selling or claiming to be selling authentic items of jackson. It was also talking about emails circulating across the country, offering never before seen video of the "King of Pop." The problem is these emails are carrying malicious viruses. Right now there are no reported cased of fraud in Chicago yet, but the BBB CEO says it's widespread in the West Coast. It's only a matter of time before it comes here. Are you surprised? Are you one of these fans looking for anything to remember Michael by? Are you taking any safeguards?

Here are a few reminders by the BBB:
- Make sure the seller is trustworthy
- Pay with a credit card in case of refund
- Check with BBB if have any concerns
- Research prices to make sure getting best deal
-Third party should verify authenticity

The Budget Balancing Act

The state’s budget year ends at midnight but lawmakers are still in Springfield trying to agree on a last-minute spending plan.

Governor Pat Quinn says an income tax increase is the best way to raise revenue.
He says if lawmakers don’t pass the tax hike, he will be forced to make drastic cuts to social service programs.


But lawmakers have been against raising taxes. Nonetheless, the governor "remains optimistic" that a new spending plan will be approved in time.

What do you think?


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