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Trash Talking Kevin Garnett

No one appreciates a good basketball game more than me. I enjoy it all, even the trash-talking. But has Boston's Kevin Garnett taken it to a new level? Check out the photo below.

Garnett is all in Ben Gordon's ear, talking trash towards the end of last night's game 5 in Boston. Apparently he's developing quite a reputation in the trash talking arena. So much so, that it's caught the attention of the game's announcers who were none to pleased with his "performance" saying he was out of line, especially after he left the sideline in game one when the Bulls outplayed them.

My producer Ivanna Young Hampton is so upset with Garnett that she had this to say.

Kevin Garnett was completely out of line for talking trash from the sideline last night. He hasn't suited up since February because of knee injuries, but he has plenty to say to Ben Gordon who's playing on an injured hamstring. I was proud of the Chicago high school basketball star when he finally won his NBA ring last year. However, that ring doesn't mean a thing if you can't respect the integrity of the game.

Do you agree with her? Or is she just upset because the Bulls find themselves down 3 games to 2?


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Comments (10)


It isn't about the trash talk. It's about the fact that KG isn't even playing and talking trash.

You shouldn't be allowed to talk trash if you're sitting on the sideline in a suit.


"I think it's only a problem because the bulls lost. If he did it and the bulls won, there would be no controversy what so ever" -Tego Calderon

hey why would KG talk trash if the Celtics lost..obviously he talked trash cuz they won

and it became a controversy.

dwayne weaver:

c'mon players know that trash talk is part of the game.If you let it bother you then they acheive their goal.That's in every sport but golf,all you suppose to do is prove the talker wrong.

Tego Calderon:

Why is there a problem with KG talking trash? Players have been doing this in all sports for years. I think it's only a problem because the bulls lost. If he did it and the bulls won, there would be no controversy what so ever. Stop being sore losers and just win the next game if you want to prove that his trash talking abilities don't work. People are just too sensitive in today's society. What's the saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me." If you bulls fans use that ideology, maybe they can get out of the first round (95% improbable though).


He can talk "trash" but at the end of the day, the Celtics did NOT win EASILY the bulls are playing this game! So what exactly is Kevin Garnett REALLY SAYING!! Boston were the "champs" however these "youngins" are proving to be competition! so let him talk! GO BULLS!!

Brag when and IF you "sweep" a team! There were definately WET jerseys in Boston thats SWEAT!!! IT wasnt easy! Thats all I have to say ~


I think you should be able to talk trash. Ben do his little hand cherrio when he hit a three pointer and in so little words he making a point that he can and did make the basket. Trash talk is just part of the game.

Lori Thompson:

Kevin Garnett should be talking shit as many times as he wants especially judging the ending of that game last night. If little man stop trying to go up the hole for lay ups acting like "MIKE" then they need shit to be talked to them. There is no way that they should have lost that one.

K G grow up and be sport stop being an asshole and a jerk..


I agree but what player does not talk trash.. Micheal Jordan did it so stop judging that man and allow him to enjoy the game. If you play a game and you can't talk trash to get inside of the other man head of course it's a problem. I love to see the game of basketball but you must intimidate your oppenents to win. But you must remember it works both ways, so don't dish it out if you can't handle it.

Bong Aculado:

It's sad to see a desperate professional "high school" basketball player do this kind of thing to Ben Gordon . He obviously cannot play so he just does the other thing to be noticed and be in camera by doing this. When Rondo "slapped" Miller, he has no defense on that part being a point guard and I thinl that should have been a flagrant foul but it occurred in Boston... He did not even apologize or offerred t his tooth to Brad. As a Bulls fan, we need to train our tall guys to JUMP more and not only 2-3 inches??? Boston players know they will get this series and the question would be is do we have enough timeouts left (vinny stop using them too much)

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