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Lollapalooza 2008 Archives

August 7, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Matthew Santos performs on "metromix!"

You might recognize him as the guy who sings the hook on Lupe Fiasco's "Superstar," but Matthew has certainly made his own mark on the music biz. While studying at Columbia College, both painting and music, he got in touch with Lupe. Between their partnership and the grassroots following he gathered playing Chicago coffee shops, he's now an internationally known musician. Check out our entire interview with Matthew on this Friday's "metromix" at 7, 8, and 9 p.m. For now, here he is performing "Days Like This" in Millenium Park...

August 4, 2008

Inside Look at the Lolla After Party and The Music Lounge hosted a Lollapalooza after party last night and we had to take part! The event was hosted at The Hard Rock Hotel and consisted of food, drinks, dancing, and much more.

Entering the party everyone was greeted by hair stylists and make up artists that were there to pamper all with a new look for the night. Jade dragon was also there hooking everyone up with complimentary ink of their choice! The dancing kicked off with a DJ spinning and then David Macklovitch of Chromeo showed up and took over the DJ booth.

Wanna know who else showed up?

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August 3, 2008

Ice Cream Man helps Lolla chill

Who's the most popular guy at Lolla? It's not Zack or Kanye. It's the guy giving away ice cream. Jackie tracked him down and got his story... and maybe a Bomb Pop.

Live @ Lolla: Gnarls Barkley 'crazy' set

Lolla favorite Gnarls Barkley guides the crowd into the last night of the festival.

Live @ Lolla: Flogging Molly tears up the stage (no, not literally)

Chicago loves it if your Irish... or if you play Irish punk music. The Lolla crowd gave Flogging Molly a warm welcome.

Live @ Lolla: Love for Love & Rockets

Love & Rockets: Reunited and it feels so good.

For more on the festival, check out's online guide.

Live @ Lolla: Slash & Perry: Lolla's Peanut Butter & Jelly

Lollapalooza founder Perry Farrell has a jam session with Rock God Slash. (Note: The audio isn't the best but the visual of these two legends performing together may be enough).

Live @ Lolla: Jackie talks porn with Office

Jackie has a little fun backstage with the Chicago-based band, The Office.

Check them out on stage doing what they do best.

Live @ Lolla: Security describes Rage's rough crowd

Marcus talks with the stage manager who was on duty during Rage Against the Machine's intense and chaotic set Saturday night.

Here's more of Marcus's interview with Karl.

Live @ Lolla: John Butler shows us some love

John Butler of the John Butler Trio finds a friend in Marcus Leshock. They talk tats and John describes his grassroots start in the music biz and what its taught him.

Watch some of their Lolla set!

Live @ Lolla: Fest gets a 'Brazilian'

Well, more accurately, they get Brazilian Girls. Marcus talked with them just after their set.

Now, go back in time and watch them on stage!

For more on the festival, check out's online guide.

Live @ Lolla: Kid Sister on stage

Chicago rapper Kid Sister perks up the crowd with her set on Sunday afternoon.

Live @ Lolla: Sunday Morning with Saul

Passionate poet and artist Saul Williams was remarkably chill when Marcus caught up with him backstage at Lolla hours before his set. He talks about all sorts of topics - his writing process, the appeal of slam poetry, aggression at live shows of acts like Rage and what he likes about Chicago. (Warning: Language)

Live @ Lolla: Sharon shows you how its done

Soul singer Sharon Jones and her backing band the Dap Kings brought a fever to the Lolla stage.

For more on the festival, check out's online guide.

Live @ Lolla with Lupe

Chicago's own Lupe Fiasco took Saturday's crowd into the sunset with his electrifying set.

Live @ Lolla: Wilco closes Day 2

Hometown heroes Wilco closed out Lollapalooza: Day 2. Check out some of their set.

For more performance and interviews of Lolla artists, check out the rest of MetromixTV's video coverage.

Also, were you there? Wish you had been? Glad you're not? Leave us a comment!

Live @ Lolla: DeVotchKa comin' atcha!

DeVotchaKa brought their gypsy-punk sound to the Lolla stage midafternoon on Day 2, giving the crowd a much needed second wind.

For more on the festival, check out's online guide.

Live @ Lolla: Marcus survived Rage Against the Machine!


You know things are getting scary when Zack de la Rocha is the voice of moderation.

A gentleman next to me in the Rage Against the Machine crowd got this text message from a friend standing closer to the stage. And for the first time in my Lollapalooza-going experience, things got scary last night. There was a security breach, a few stops of the show, and more broken bones and busted noses than I've seen in a long time. Keep reading!

Continue reading "Live @ Lolla: Marcus survived Rage Against the Machine!" »

Live @ Lolla: No Photogs in Kanye West pit?

Just learned that no still photographers will be allowed in the front row pit during Kanye West's set tonight. Hmmm. Could this mean Barack Obama will be introducing him? We'll see...

Click here for more videos from MetromixTV's coverage of Lolla!

Lollapalooza Wrap Up: Day 2

Tribune music writer Greg Kot offers his take on the first day of Lollapalooza.

Greg's blogging from Grant Park throughout the festival. To read his thoughts, check out his blog.

August 2, 2008

Wilco or Rage? Rage or Wilco?

Day 1 was easy. Radiohead. Day 2 however. This is where things get tricky. With Wilco and Rage Against the Machine both headlining at the same time... well, it's enough to make any Lolla-goer go crazy. Marcus talked with some fans about how they're making this difficult call.

Live @ Lolla: Fake, Plastic, Tremendous. Marcus saw Radiohead!


Wow. Just wow. I know everybody and their mother has written about this show by now, but I had to throw my two cents in. I finally gathered a few moments to sit down in the tent here at Lolla and reflect on last night's Radiohead show. There was one unbelievable moment (probably the best concert moment I've been a part of to this point).....and a few irritations. But overall, it was everything it was built up to be. Just phenomenal. Keep reading!

Continue reading "Live @ Lolla: Fake, Plastic, Tremendous. Marcus saw Radiohead!" »

Live @ Lolla: Limber Social Scene

Brendan from Broken Social Scene was kind enough to take time out of his day at Lollapalooza to have a lengthy chat with Jackie.

Outtakes from the interview (Brendan shows Jackie how he prepares for his show) and footage of their show after the jump.

Continue reading "Live @ Lolla: Limber Social Scene" »

Live @ Lolla: Crazy kids in the stripped suits

When your lower on the bill at the biggest music fest in the universe, you sometime have to go the extra mile to get noticed. And sometimes it works. Jackie couldn't overlook De Novo Dahl in their eye catching ensem's -- turns out their stage show is just as unique.

Live @ Lolla: Serena Ryder is Canada's Best

Jackie catches up with singer songwriter Serena Ryder. Billboard Magazine recently named her "Canada's most promising."

Going green at Lolla

Lots of crowds makes for lots and lots of garbage. But the festival is doing its part to make it easier for Lollapaloozians to keep earth friendly.

For more on the festival, check out's online guide.

Live @ Lolla: Perry talks to the press

Perry Farrell and other Lollapalooza organizers met with the press to talk about the festival. It's the first official sell out and the fest heads seem committed to keeping the grounds clean and people cool despite the massive crowds and heat expected over the weekend. They also talk about helping to restore Buckingham Fountain, Radiohead's performance and the fest's killer lineup.

Live @ Lolla: Dierks brings country to Lolla

Dierks Bently, the festival's lone country act, talks to Marcus about performing for the Lolla crowd.

Video of Dierks doing his thing on stage after the jump

Continue reading "Live @ Lolla: Dierks brings country to Lolla" »

Raconteurs rock Lolla

One of yesterday's biggest draws was Jack White and his Raconteurs. Check out some of their set!

Lollapalooza Wrap Up: Day 1

Tribune music writer Greg Kot offers his take on the first day of Lollapalooza.

Greg's blogging from Grant Park throughout the festival. To read his thoughts, check out his blog.

August 1, 2008

Live @ Lolla: Yeasayer on stage

If there's anything better than experimental music performed in the sweltering heat, Yeasayer doesn't know it.

Live @ Lolla: Hip hop artist K'Naan

Somalian hip hop artist K'Naan sits down with Jackie.

For more on the festival, check out's online guide.

Live @ Lolla: Having a Bloc Party

It's one big swelter block party at Grant Park with English indie rockers Bloc Party.

Live @ Lolla: Gogol Bordello rocks out

Gogol Bordello shows Chicago how it's done in New York City and performs for the over-heated masses in Grant Park.

Live @ Lolla: More than musicians

In this sea of thousands of fans, one stands out and it's not because of his mohawk or exceptional mosh skills. In fact, looking at Jim Henke, you might think he's your average Lolla go-er, but his stories are anything but. As former music journalist for Rolling Stone and current curator of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Henke has seen his fair share of concerts. Marcus found some shade and sat down with Henke to talk about what brought him to Lolla this year.

For more on the festival, check out's online guide.

Live @ Lolla: The Go! Team

Members of The Go! Team - fresh from their performance - take a break from the fest (and from their ice cream) to talk to Jackie about the band, their unique live shows and touring with the Flaming Lips.

For more on the festival, check out's online guide.

Live @ Lolla: Talkin' with The Toadies

Texas rockers The Toadies, who play tomorrow night, stopped by Grant Park a day early to check out their own favorite bands. They talked to Marcus about playing the fest and their new material.

Footage of their performance after the jump!

Continue reading "Live @ Lolla: Talkin' with The Toadies" »

Live @ Lolla: Bang Camaro kicks off fest

Boston rockers Bang Camaro got Lollapalooza 2008 off to a very loud and raucous start. Big guitar riffs and plenty of people on stage announced rock and roll's arrival to Grant Park.

Live @ Lolla: Welcome to Lollapalooza 2008!

Lollapalooza 2008 has officially begun and the crowds at Grant Park are sweating it out in the name of rock and roll. Marcus has more.

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